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Primordial Soup

Blue Eyed Hexe

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If you've looked at my journal and are thinking, 'what a huge egotist' then you are about six years at least late for the joke.

I actually live a pretty boring life in the real world. Work, home, stroke the cat, back to work and home again.

According to some people (who knew who they were) I am a bit of an Indie snob. I can't really deny this rumour. Those with crap taste will be judged! Simon Cowell be warned, you'll be first against the wall when my revolution comes (after Chris Tarrant anyway).

It may just be an irrational fear stemming from some childhood trauma, but it's my duty to warn you that tomatoes are EVIL and are attempting to take over the world. Watch the skies! Destroy all infestation! Run to the hills! Duck and cover! Okay, maybe it just seems like that to me, but just don't bring them anywhere near my person or I might be sick on you.

I'm technically a BtVS/AtS, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural fan and I have this squidgy soft spot for Dark Angel that won't go away. Therefore this is spposed to be a fandom journal, but be prepared for cats and music.

I occassionally write Spike based gen/het(mainly Spike/Buffy or sort of Spike/Illyria) and perhaps a little Gen Vampire Diaries fanfiction, all of which can be found at Dark Penumbra or via my tags. And yes, I will actually finish my WIP someday. Note that I am not a shipper as such, more a sympathetic Gen writer that might look a bit like one if you squint because I need someone to stand with. I don't like slash, but that's for a myriad of reasons which are probably not the reasons you'd think. I am certainly not anti-gay.

I also dabble in fan art occasionally, but I primarily consider myself a writer.

Another word of warning, I once developed a strange taste in tentacle smut. I may or may not be over it depending on the swing of my mood/the moon phase/time of the month/wind direction. In my defence, Illyria made me do it I got carried away.

I do not friend back journals in non-English languages because I don't know any, apart from some patchy French that isn't really up to the job; but don't worry, you're not missing anything much. If I can tell 200+ people, I can tell the world!

I really need to sit down and sort this dreadful profile out someday.

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