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Fic: The Real Thing (BtVS, Spike/Buffy)

What is this?

I wrote a fic last week for the sb_fag_ends' Fifth Anniversary Comment Party!

The Real Thingby Bogwitch
Word Count: 2282
Rating: 12A
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Spoilers: BtVS, Season 6 Post-As You Were, but casually ignores canon
Summary: Spike is about to give Buffy the shock of her life, but why isn't he talking?
Authors Note: Prompt: Vampire Robot. That’s just going to have to be Spike, isn’t it?

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Nom Nom er Meme

Thanks to whomever it was that nominated Sucker for the SunnyD and Wicked awards. Someone appreciates a little tentacle tickle.

I have also committed memery:

You Are a Creative

Like everyone else, you have a to-do list... but you don't always prioritize getting around to it.
You are productive as your spirit moves you to be. Sometimes this means crossing off a lot of items on your list, but other times it means doing something else entirely.

You do best when inspiration strikes, and it's hard to predict when that will be. You thrive with flexibility.
Interruptions tend to distract you, but sometimes they are a welcome distraction. You do best when you focus on short term goals.

Ha ha ha ha ha. That is so true.
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The Ultimate Unloved CD Review Project (an occassional series)

To amuse myself (and to have something to post, even though I doubt anyone besides quinara will actually be interested and even then) I have decided to try and get more value out of my CD collection by listening to and reviewing all those CDs I have that are just languishing there unplayed and unloved; who knows there may be some hidden gems just waiting for me to be bothered to find them! After all Spotify managed to get me to engage with a couple of Echo & the Bunnymen albums I didn’t get into the first time round (I missed out on some great songs, what was I doing????), so it could work!

Some words of caution. As my collection leans heavily into Rock/Alternative/Indie these reviews will obviously cover these genres, but there may still be some tentative forays into others. There might also be some embarrassing surprises that will erode my cool a bit (though not as many as there would have been if I had been reviewing my vinyl...). :)

I will try and review a fairly well known* album (er…when I can) and one less so each time. I am not going to review albums I like/liked and know well, nor will I include soundtracks, compilations, greatest hits and live albums (not that I am much of a fan of those). I will also horrifically date myself.

* 'Well known' is a relative term, of course.

Here we go.

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