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There's one more day to tackle my Music Lyric Meme. Someone must get #17, it's a classic. And so #7 for that matter, just about 20 years older.

Some clues/updates:

#1 is a bit obscure. It's a band I've listening to a lot lately. Shoegazers. Album track.
#2 has a Depeche Mode connection
#3 Is Trash metal (if you couldn't have guessed). I used to hum this when I was working on a supermarket checkout.
#4 A refugee from a britpop band. Album track. Graham Coxon guys.
#5 The Delays – Long Time Coming guessed by calove
#6 Joy Division - Transmission guessed by gamiila
#7 Old and crazy.
#8 Adam and the Ants – Stand and Deliver guessed by speakr2customrs
#9 New Order – True Faith guessed by (just) hils
#10 Nick Drake – Northern Sky guessed by vagablonde
#11 from John Peel's Festive 50
#12 My favourite smelly old crusties.
#13 Not mates of the White Stripes Album track.
#14 An album track from one of my favourite bands from the late 1980's to the mid-1990's. They did a song about Italia 1990.
#15 As lillianmorgan pointed out, it's Belly, but which one?
#16 The ex listened this old punk band, and so does Spike. It's not the Sex Pistols.
#17 C'mon people. This is seminal! One of my favouritist songs ever! It's about 1989/1990. You dance to it - well I do. It's the Stone Roses, you have to know.
#18 No Doubt – Hella Good guessed by mistraltoes (bit embarrassed by that one)
#19 Recent. XFM play it a lot. Welsh band that I wouldn't normally listen to.
#20 Er... Can't think of much about this one. it's about 6 months old, the video was on a beach. There were bombs. This won't help.
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I've got 16 with that clue; "Too Drunk To Fuck", the Dead Kennedys.

I've got 19, and I'm ashamed not to have got it earlier as they're pretty well my favourite current band - but you're totally wrong about them being American. They're Welsh! Lostprophets, "Last Summer". My wife and daughter went to see Linkin Park's pre-tour promo gig for fan club members only and lostprophets were doing the support, and they're brilliant live too.

Correct. Oh Okay, I thought they were American (they sound it).

#17 - Stone Roses? Maybe? Can't recall the title if it is.

I am soooooo deeply deeply shamed that I didn't see this before! It is obne of my favouritest songs ever, and I've even got it in the original and all the remixed versions as well.

It's The Stone Roses's1989 hit single Fools'Gold.

Gold’s just around the corner
Breakdown’s coming up round the bend

The thing is, I don't think I ever realised what Ian Brown was mumbling there in the beginning of the second line -- for 15 years I've always sung these boots were made for walking/mumble mumble don't have not boots like these

It's funny though, Fools'Gold was on my playlist too, only it didn't play in the first 20. If it had, I would have asked about the pack on my back is aching/the strap seems to cut me like a knife

I'd have got that.

I admit I did pick the hardest line I could. I never guessed he said that either. You live and learn!

#4 - at a guess, Graham Coxon? I'll kick myself if it is, because I should know that!
Consulted my mp3 player for #15 - it's "Now They'll Sleep"

#4 is Graham Coxon, well done!

Yep, the Belly is right too.

Poor old Graham - he's my favourite, you see.
Sadly will have to go back to my mp3 player, which I'm quietly grrr-ing to myself about.

I like Graham too. He took all the best bits of Blur with him.

And allegedly bringing them back again. Hmmmm.

As long as they stop this droney miserable stuff, I don't mind.

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