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Christmas movies you MUST see during the holidays

I rather play Scrabble, thanks.

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I like to watch movies that take place during Christmas but aren't about Christmas.

The Thin Man is my favorite of those. Murder, adultery, alcoholism, and snarky sexy Nick & Nora. Good times!

Trading Places is okay, but I can't say I'm a big fan of Christmas. Except The Nitemare before Christmas, that's a good Christmas film. :)

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One dose of The Snowman was enough for me.

I don't like Scrabble, but I'd take that over Christmas movies any day.

I suspect it'll be Trival Pursuit this year. We have new questions.

We always play a sort of watered down version of Mah Jong.

Sounds alright. My mum likes to show off her trivia skills. Then my Dad beats us both.

I'm quite good at Trivial Pursuits providing I don't get asked questions on sport - or cars.

I'm crap at sport too, unless it's horse racing or formula one. I can't answer questions on soaps either.

Forgot soaps. I'd be rubbish at them too. Don't watch any (except for bits of Hollyoaks, and even then, I don't know who anyone is).

Ban them all I say. I reckon they're are made to keep the female population in line, keep us stupid by rotting our brain. Surely that's the only explanation for daytime TV. I'm on to them, see.

Ban them all I say. I reckon they're are made to keep the female population in line, keep us stupid by rotting our brains

I think you have something there.

That's a whole other subject that winds me up.

::raises shot glass:: Here, here! here I am!

I have little ones so we have to watch the requisite holiday cartoons. Though once we get past Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders, I think we'll veer towards the family games. They're too little to spell and the only trivia they know is Power Rangers. *g*

My mother tortured me with spelling and scrabble when I was little (a pity she didn't do more with maths, but hey). I was very pleased to turn the tables and beat her now. (then my dad comes along and beats the voth of us).

I do like the cartoon version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas...The Nightmare Before Christmas is pretty good too...that's about it.

I like the idea of playing a game of some type...I may have to try that with the family.

I have never seen the cartoon. I actually quite liked the another one though. Shhh!.

Heh. Actually Channel 4 has some 'amusing' choices this Xmas for its movie selection.

Oh yeah? I'll have to take a look. I can see a LOTR marathon otherwise.

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