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More JM

Remember a bit more now...

James was in the studio and was asking to comment on various stories. First about what he thought about the Beckham’s in Japan, selling out to the media. He said something like ‘as an American, he thought it was honourable (?)’. Or something like that.

They showed a clip from Lovers Walk and he said that being thrown on the kitchen table by the stuntwoman hurt. Then he talked about burning his hand and how he left it flaming twice as long as he should because he thought it’d be funnier. He said he'd had lots of injures doing BtVS and had shattered his knee.

He was asked about being on Angel and how he would return if he was dead. He said it'd be a spell or something - he pretty much breezed over it. It was also a "permanent thing" being on the show.

Later he talked a bit about Ghost of the Robot and how they were being received – sold out everywhere. He'd just been in Liverpool and it was about 60% men there and he thought they were coming for the music (the women only come for Buffy) - Fool!

I did cringe a bit when they had an article about John Leslie's arrest for sexual assault, I thought 'Nooo! Don't ask him to comment on that!' - Thankfully, they didn't.

So, sexgoddesshilly am I boring you to death yet? How you getting on with Season Four?
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