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ROTK Faramir screencaps

I got my Return of the King Extended Edition yesterday. It made ladywenham's lip quiver with envy. So in penance for my gloating I made her some screencaps of Faramir.

Go get 'em

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I envy you. I can't order anything from the outside because my stupid credit card is expiring soon. So, I will have to wait to order the EE. Anyway, thanks for the Faramir love =).


That would get my teeth gnashing!

Those are just gorgeous, OMG Houses of Healing, and the first picture just kills me.

How come you got it so early. Amazon's got it down for the 10th every time I check.

I got mine from and they just turned up yesterday (with Jersey postmark).

I haven't seen much of it, but the the Houses of Healing isn't that exciting really.

Very nice - thank you.
Your Teachers icon is also squee-worthy :)

You're the first to mention the Teachers icon. I miss Brian and Kurt. ::sob::

Good grief, I'm on the ball? What's wrong with me? *g*
::sobs with you::
But, still, amazing that they keep going with such a high turnover of actors across seasons....

Yeah, but there's something missing this year. It's not the new characters, because they're ok. I think they're going out of their way to be obnoxiously offensive and it doesn't need to be.

Oh, teh pretty! *deep, deep sigh*

Well, we'll get our set at some point between now and Christmas...

And it's the end of an era.

Oh, these are beautiful, hon. Thank you so much. Do you mind if I save them to my hard drive for graphics, or point people this way to see them? ::hugs you big::

Point away, I don't mind.

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