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Blue Tack

Does the US have BluTack? Or what is the equivalent of the sticky stuff you put posters up with?

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it's called stickytack. or stik-e-tak, or something like that. you can probably find some brandnames at if it's urgent. ;)

i myself use pushpins. ;)

Thanks it doesn't quite have the same ring to it though. If I used that, would everyone know what it was?

Canada has a much stickier version in orange called Elmer's Putty.

Me, I get mine brought over from England ;-)

Thanks. Gotta stick with the classics. it's for a fic, so I need something everyone would know.

When I was in college, it was sold as Fun Tack.

Thanks. I know I used to make little animals out of it, but I don't really see the 'fun' of it!

Would lots of people know that name though?

I'll have to give it some thought (it's only a minor detail though).

We've got a couple different types, but I've also seen BluTack in the stores.

Thanks. Would people know what I meant if I said BluTack though?

I wouldn't have know if you hadn't explained what you were talking about. I have heard it called fun tac or sticky tac.

Oh. Maybe i should say something else then.

I wouldn't go with BluTack, I've never heard of it and I used to be a hall director (dorm mom). I'd go with either "poster putty" or "double stick tape."

It's not a poster but a bit of Holly, would that make a difference?

As long as it wasn't too heavy, an American would probably use either double stick tape or they would take regular scotch tape and make a loop so it functioned like double stick tape. If the holly was being attached to a posterboard or non-wall type surface they might use a glue stick or Elmer's glue (white glue).

If we are taking more like a garland, which would be too heavy for tape, I dunno, maybe nails and wire? My Christmas decorating is pretty low key.

It's more of a temporary attachment to an ornament idea.

(This is getting way too complicated for one throw away line!)

A hot glue gun? Hee, this is getting complicated.

As I think about it, if it were someone into decorating, like Martha Stewart, they might actually go get poster putty to hold up holly. If it were me, I'd use what I have in the house, which would be double stick tape on a good day. :-)

I think the poster putty is the right kind of idea.

I checked my Martha Stewart's Halloween book, and she uses the double sided tape to attach to walls (wouldn't that take the paint off?).

(wouldn't that take the paint off?).

If it is the double stick tape that is just like scotch tape, only sticky on both sides, probably not. (Do you all call it scotch tape? It is a 3M brand.) If it was the puffier stuff they call "mounting tape" then oh yeah, that'll take paint off, plaster off, etc. There would be a hole in the wall just like Joyce was peeking through in Restless. (Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.)

Just wanted to say that I love your new icon. It's wonderfully giggly :)

The kissy cuddly Spuffy one? ladywenham made me it for xmas.

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