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5 Buffy moments

So what's up with me today? I hear you ask.

As you're all so curious, it's been a busy day, one that seems to have been remarkably unproductive! But I did finish my (woefully short) draft of the next chapter of the WIP.

One of the reasons I'd been reluctant to post a wishlist at first was a terrible fear that everyone would ignore me completely and then I'd get all sad again and want to die. How wrong I was. Icons yesterday and then today vegmb wrote me a nice
angsty Spuffy ficlet full of misery and death. Yummy!

I thought I'd do that 'top 5 moments in BtVS' thing too, so here goes:

1. The scene in the crypt in Crush. I adore that scene as I’m a sick, sick woman.

2. The stair scene in The Gift (but I like the bit in the
Magic Box beforehand too). It’s the expressions on his face.
Just like Afterlife. Actually these are twins and I want them both.

3. That kiss in Tabula Rasa. I want to be kissed like that. Or at all really…

4. All the Spike scenes in Gone for deeply shallow reasons…

5. ::sniff sniff:: Beneath You. Beneath Your hard exterior is a total sap, Lisa.

Sorry, did you say there was there someone else in the series?

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Sorry, did you say there was there someone else in the series?

Not after School Hard. {g}

1. Which? The tied up Buffy and Dru? or the gorgeousness ogf his back and the dream? Actaully, who cares? Both were wonderful!

2. Afterlife gets my vote from these two wonderful scenes. It took my heart and twisted it. Hard.

3. Oh, god... yes....

4. Hee!. The "how low dare we go" camera shot...

5. Beneath you. I cried. No, really cried. Sobs and all. Then I cried all over again because the bitch left him there...

Good choices!

I'd like to sneak in the look of shock and wonder on his face when Buffy... ahem, you know... in "Wrecked" and the kiss from "Intervention", but I wouldn't want to lose any of the ones you chose.

Sorry, did you say there was there someone else in the series?

No-one worth worrying about.

I see the early night went well for you. :)

1. Dream? I just like the gorgeous man shouting.
2. The Gift means more to me personally, though I agree Afterlife is fantastic.
3. Oh god... yes... Yes... YES! ugh.
4. Lower!
5. Gets me every time.

There was a lot to choose from, I agree.

and some betaing for spiralled3 wishlist.

And I'm so very pleased. I really wasn't expecting any takers. If I thought it would happen, I would have held off posting the scene I posted. But there will eventually be more! I just need to get through the end of the semester.

That kiss in Tabula Rasa. I want to be kissed like that. Or at all really…

Hmmmm, yeah, that was quite the kiss. I'm pretty partial to that one Giles and Anya shared as well. I'm a sucker for the romantic dip kiss. ::sigh:: I still wish they would have done more with those two.

But there will eventually be more!

Looking forward to it.

I'd have had no objections to a bit of Ganya either.

So there really are other characters on the show. Hmm...I'd never noticed.

Ah, who cares about them?

Wish I were witty enough to say something smart here. All your choices are, you know, the good stuff. "Gone" is terribly underrated for teh hawt, especially the kitchen bit and the door bit IMHO. I mean, hmmm, that door scene! Yikes. Yes, Spike, please get all growly and stuff. Mmm.

I had a lot of difficulty picking exactly what bit of Gone to choose. Yeah door scene... ugh... Sorry. Some of the scenes in the Dallies qualify too.

I've been dithering about what my favourite choices would be for days, but there's just too many of them -- all your choices, and then a few more, like the play of emotions on Spike's face when he goes from wanting to shoot Buffy to wanting to comfort her, and the porch scene that flows from that in FFL...or the conversation with Dawn where he tells her that he's not good, but he's alright, and it helps her understand something about her own situation...or...See? I just can't decide!

I went by the criteria of 'what do I rewind back to the most?' in the end.

Sorry, did you say there was there someone else in the series?

Not that I noticed. There was a whole season, not just one show in between season 2 and season 4???? Wow.

I can't choose 5 favourite scenes. I love every minute Spike was on screen. But I do have a soft spot for the whole "Ben is Glory" routine... And the "I know I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man" moment. (Even though she really doesn't. Grrrh)

It's a shame about season three. It's one of the strongest, but I never watch due to the amount to Spike!

Yeah Ben is Glory! I love that too.

Short, sharp and too the point and I'm giggling and wibbling
Well done :)
Actually these are twins and I want them both.
How 'bout make that triplets including the eye wiggle?

A giggle and a wibble? Damn, I'm good.

Which eye wiggle (there are so many to choose from!)?

Oh, yummy choices!

1. I'm so going to write an essay on 'Crush' one of these days... actually after Christmas might be more realistic. "What the HELL is WRONG with you BLOODY WOMEN?" Oh, I love it so....
2. JM is Best.Actor.EVER! How can he say so much with just a look?
3. *Goes to find s6. dvds*
4. Mmmm nekkid Spike....
5. And I love, love, love 'Beneath You' (it was on my list too!) - I even love the demon-of-the-week! (Seriously!)

I LOVE this meme!

1. I am waiting in anticipation. I love, love, love Crush.
2. Maybe not Evah, but certainly excellent. It's always wonderful when casting gets it EXACTLY right like that. Doesn't happen often, I can imagine other people playing most of the others characters, but not Spike.
3. You do that!
4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................. Sorry, what?
5. But that awful blue shirt needed burning.

Ok, about 'Beneath You"? Read this review! It hilarious and brilliant and even deals with the shirt... sort of like having a funny but slightly bizarre friend describe the whole episode to you - I'm going to rec it in my LJ any day (but I sort of want to keep it to myself so I can quote from it and people won't realise that I didn't think of these things first.)

Hee. But you've told be now.

Someone else in the series? Huh? Who? ::scratches back of head::
And here I thought there was just Spike. How strange.

The Crush crypt scene is one of my favourites, too - the scene, that after years of watching, finally got me hook, line and sinker. After that, I couldn't miss a single second.

It's number one because it's the one I always come back to. It's nicely transitional too, so you get a lot of depth from his character.

I think you have chose the ones I was going to pick. Can't agree with you more about them.

Good. I like people agreeing with me!

I love that kiss myself. I got this icon from serendipitysho 's site. BTW, friending. I'm finally getting around to friending people I've been reading.

It's a kiss I could stare at forever. I have one of _jems_'s icons to celebrate this fact.

Friend away! I've friended back. Reading, eh?

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