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Ugh, I hardly slept last night, it's lucky I have the week off.

red_sunflower made me an icon for my WIP off my my Wishlist. It's very pretty. Thank you!

Speaking of the WIP, the next chapter is progressing again after a bout of the old writer's block. Eve has popped in to help me out. It shouldn't be long before that's done. Hopefully it won't be too polluted by all the William Gibson I'm pumping into my brain. After that will be the collaborative Christmas story I'm doing with calove and hesadevil. It's all hush hush, but shhh! Spike and Illyria.

Quizage nabbed from rahirah. Move Along...

The picture of dorian gray
Oscar Wilde: The Portrait of Dorian Gray. You are a
horror novel from the world of dandies, rich
pretty boys, art and aesthetics, and
intellectual debates between ethical people and
decadent pleasure-seekers. You value beauty and
pleasure but realize their dangers, as well.

Which literature classic are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Very snazzy icon - lovely!
Not sure what to make of the book you are - hope it doesn't all go horribly wrong in the end. But, why oh why, are you clinging onto eternal youth? *grins*
Good luck for the WIP!

I'm quite taken with the 'horror novel from the world of dandies' bit, but it's so not me!

red_sunflower did a wonderful job of guessing what was going on in my head with the icon.

I know it's a secret and so of course, I didn't hear it!

But, did you say Spike and Illyria? *bounces with excitement*

And special guest stars!!!

red_sunflower has certainly made you a very pretty icon! It's totally stealworthy (not that I would, of course).

And me, I'm Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose. Lovely!

Rich pretty boys or dusty monks? Ooh the choice!

That's a beautiful icon. I particularly like the use of the map to link them together, and the fading, and the colour scheme, and - just about everything really

RE- secrit Christmas fic. - forget all previous drafts of chapter 3. The definitive one is almost finished. Should have it to you by the end of tomorrow. (we go away wed. morn)

Have a great week of - whatever it is you want to do on your week off.

Any news of the 20th for lunch?

I did suggest the map, but I wasn't expecting animated.

I shall wait in anticipation for chapter 3. When are you planning on doing the others?

Shopping, sleeping and solictors (inbetween the stacks of writing!).

Er... I forgot to ask. I will tomorrow.

(Deleted comment)
Right. (I'll delete your comment btw).

I'm going to see if I can take the inititive now the house prices are falling.

Good for you. Fingers crossed.

Btw, I got Charles Baudelaire: The Flowers of Evil.

I never did trust those dandylions.

That's weird. How'd you know I've just been drinking Dandelion and Burdock?

Chapter 3 has just gone up on it's own thread.

I'm happy you liked the icon =) and did you say Spillyria? *bounces*. I haven't read The Picture of Dorian Gray, I used to tell me that when I was able to read in English as well as I do in my mother tongue, I would read it. I think the time has arrived *crosses fingers for her English to be enough to understand*

I haven't read it either, but I'm familiar with it.

And yes, 14 chapters of Illyria, Spike and Christmas, is coming.

(Deleted comment)
::rubs hands::

Interest is duly whipped up.

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