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baaa de baaa de baaa

All you cynics out there:

spike/buffy is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

that proves it, so nyah.

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No, it was even my first go.


The true ones are ugly and wrong. Your's not... Errrrrrgo... :)

Is that a riddle? Will it reveal the meaning of the universe if I manage to solve it?

Yep, that and it will bring world peace to be even more specific.

That's my evening sorted then.

If you do the meme the proper way you will get a result like:

ats are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

See, ugly colours and an idiotic statement. Right? Right.

All the beautiful colour bars and meaningful statements are manipulated (like my alpacas).

And as your result is beautiful and the statement is *so* right, it has to be a manip.

But you can disentangle the big riddles and issues anyway, if you please...


I see.

You call them old drabs beautiful? To each their own. I can fully admit that no funny business occured here, because frankly, I'd choose nicer colours than them.

I'll add the issue to my navel-gazing later.

better than my original dirty yellow olive bar anyway - and it did look differently in my journal...

Glad to see that there is really a Spuffy love bar out there and you got it on the first try.

Congrats! You rock. ::grin::

spike & dru is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

(OK I did try to make it Spike and Angel but I have the attention span of a gold-fish...)

And how many goes did that take?

Dunno. I kept going past it in my quest for Spike and Angel, but alas! You should be touched, the effort I go to to wind you up. ;)

I'm so jealous. Poopyhead.

You can't have it, it's mine.

Oi, BogBitch.

Friend the su_herald instead of joining it. Because I'm going to go *crazy* with the constant emails.

Aaaaanyway [insert witty refutation here] ;).

Are you bouncing over the Parliament Act being invoked? I'm all torn between being dead pleased it's gone through and seriously worried that they've spent 700 hours debating this and it took them 70 hours to go to Iraq. Frustrating having something one cares about being used as a political smokescreen.

::hangs head in shame::

Sorry. You might want to put the friending policy in big letters across the top, no one reads the info that closely. Well, I don't obviously...

I'm kind undewhelmed by the Hunting Bill actually. It the end of something I never thought we'd see go and yet the world hasn't changed. It should never have gotten to the PA stage. We need to do something about the House of Lords. In this day and age we should be a proper democracy.

::rubs hands::

Vivisection next!

Well done - you must have spike/buffy love emanating through your fingers.

I'm not so sure after my last drabble. :)

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