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Drabble - Enough is Enough

It's another boring day in the office. ::sigh::

paratti wanted some fic to cheer her up, and Lo! A drabble appeared.

WARNING: Character death and other dark themes.

Enough is Enough - Bogwitch

It was the Slayer’s fate to die alone. The war endless, her battle was lost. Another had been called; her time was done. Cold and months dead, her body lay, carelessly dumped for the living to forget.

No grave for the fallen warrior this time, only the dark sewer and the dirty water that dragged her lifeless hair downstream, curling into knots never to be brushed. Hands that once pummelled passion away nibbled to bone by rodents and feral felines. Beauty bloated to decay.

Between her empty eyes a railroad spike still protruded, his last kiss a touch of death.

I don't hate Buffy this much really, I'm still Spuffy. I just like writing darkness.

Also, I finally got to see Hero last night. I am in love with this film! I want to write like how that film looks. That is my aim.

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