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</font></font></a></font></b></a></font>Favorite place in your town; favorite picture in your house; something uniquely English'.

Favourite place in your town! Do you realise how hard that is to answer in Hemel Hempstead?
I can't stand the place, especially since they knocked down the the theatre that was the only place worth going.
I'm so glad I was born and raised in Watford. I thought long and hard though, and I decided that this is the place I like best:

Favourite picture in your house. I couldn't decide, so it's either the Dragon above my bed which is metal and my mum gave me it,

or the mask my mate sexgoddeshilly got me in Bali.

Something uniquely English. Um, didn't do especially well here. I didn't want to do Fish and Chips or a copy of The Sun.
So it's Bonfire Night fireworks instead.
I know they aren't especially unique, but I bet you don't have freezing fingers and bits of Roman wall in the way.
(This was Saturday's display in St Albans, 'Roman Verulanium'.



Use your imagination...

If you didn't believe me about the Roman wall. (compare and contrast with Roman walls at
Pevensey Castle.

And the finale.

[info]mskakaako asked for '</span>Take a pic of the view from outside your window or your closet'. As I did the view from the window here, I did the my view from my window at work and the closet, as a bonus I also did the medicine cabinet. 

Closet. Items of note include: the ironing board I never use (the ex made the marks on it), the Wyndhams box at the top on the shelf contains all my teenage writing (there's some horrors in there), long black vintage coat from my (more) goth days that I bought for £3 from Oxfam and yes, that is a cauldron (from the Halloween collection) and a witches hat.

My 'medicine cabinet', i.e. box under the sink. Lots of Pro Plus. The wooden box contains plasters.

View from work window. Boring isn't it?

That's your lot.


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