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Some drivel I feel the need to note down.

I had a top dream last night.

I was playing guitar in a band with Courtney Love (no it wasn't a nightmare.) and we played a gig in a pub. She let me have a go at singing one of my own songs (and no, I don't have any before you ask. I have zero musical talents). I was very good. She got the hump then and left because I was better than her. Hee.

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LOL! :) Were there any nice groupies worth a mention?

Don't remember anyone unfortunately. The only other thing I remember was the bassist was another girl and she had long black curly hair.

Oh! I immediately thought of Melissa Auf der Maur, which would have been cool in a cool way :)

She was darker than Melissa, but she could have dyed it. I don't think it was meant to be her though.

I like Hole and Courtney Love.

But, she's kinda messed up. Poor Frances Bean.

Anyway, cool dream.

Rock on!

I think 'kinda messed up' is the understatement of the century. I admit the woman fascinates me, like a car crash.

MAD Icon Love! ^_^v Xaime is a god.

I do like the dream too, hilarious!

Xaime is indeed god-like. That's how I'd love to draw. Alas I cant.

dreams do come true you know :D Mine has, well the start of it anyways. Thanx for your congrats ment alot to me :)

take care


Yeah, good luck with that, it's definitely worth persuing. I'm certainly not aiming to be in any bands with Ms. Love though. Way too much trouble.

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