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International Fic Feedback Day

I think International Fic Feedback Day is a wonderful idea and I have been trying hard all day to think of people I should have feed back to today.

But it's been quite hard, I have been a good feedbacker over the last year and I can't think of many I've missed, and being so far behind with the fic reading doesn't help. However, I have managed to sow a few comments here and there.

I am so pleased though that at least I've received one bit today. I don't get lots and lots of comments or nominated for things and it's always nice to receive some recognition for the effort I've put into my work.

So make sure you make a writer happy tonight and give them the thanks they deserve.


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I think I've been giving you feedback on Working My Way Back To You and the Secret History Sequence - I love them, in case I haven't - but I know I haven't on "Tattered Valentines" because I've only just read it for the first time.

Excellent. Definitely one of those for which the appropriate description is "bittersweet". I loved the way it stayed absolutely within canon and yet shed a different light on the emotions behind the S7 Spike/Buffy relationship.

Why thank you. That was my first fic after not writing anything for ten years. I was quite proud of it then, but it's the one no one ever contacts me about. Maybe I need to read it again...

You are on my list for people to read, but I haven't got to your previous work yet. I've got a bit behind with your Spara, but I will get to it soon.

Hi, love your fiction, Cats and Dogs, Naughty Thoughts, and Working my Way Back to You are some of my favorites!

Thank you. You obviously have impeccable taste. :D

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