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Halloween Picture Post

Got my camera cable, so here's my Halloween in pictures and sarcasm:

Full story here.

Roaming the Old Town

Hemel Hempstead actually being cool:

No expense was spared:

The most haunted pub in England?

Poor Bugger.

One of those shops that looks really interesting, but sells nothing you want (i.e. "ethnic" which really means badly made).

Back at the humble abode

Ever hopeful that Spike would pop by.

Couldn't find most of my decs.

The Cemetery

Yum! DVD for dinner.

Mind you, it's got to taste better than that...

That's enough I think. The rest were a bit funkily drunk.

Now I fancy doing one of those photo request meme things. So if there's something you'd like me to take a photo of (except myself), leave a suggestion below.


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