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Halloween (sane-ish, sober version)

It might of come to your attention that I was a teensy bit drunk last night, and made no sense (like normal really but with added whimsy).

Well, um. Yes, I was, but it was all in a good cause. Halloween!

It started slow. I tidied the flat, watched The Raven and Sleepy Hollow for atmosphere, got the decs up (pics of all of this later in the week when I get my new camera cable) and got the food ready.

Then I get a call from my mates saying that there is a Halloween goings on in the Old Town (still don’t know what to actually describe this as. It wasn’t a parade or a market. They’d closed the road; put in fun fair rides and put tables out in front of the pubs (one pub, The Bell, had ghosts on the balcony throwing sweets). A couple of shops had stalls outside. Mostly it was lots of kids wandering about in costume. Sadly, due to the 2 minutes I had to get ready in, I didn’t have the time to get my gear on. (hat and some slap. I won a Halloween fancy dress competition in my normal clothes (plus hat) once)).

So we trot round that and that was fun, then it was back to the flat for some grub. Stuck the kiddie in front of the TV with The Nightmare Before Christmas, and got the drinks out (Black vodka and Tizer at first, then moving on to purple Rhubarb and Custard Shooters and ‘Pond Slime’ (Black Vodka and Orange juice – this turned green)). Ate starters (Indian and Chinese dippy things). Turned out we were too full (and in my case too drunk) to make the main course (stir-fry), so skipped that and went straight to the pud.

Pudding was Asti Spumanti Raspberry Jelly with raspberries, strawberries and low fat pouring cream (this was going to be dyed, but I couldn’t find the food colouring) in skull-stemmed martini glasses and Halloween Cake. We didn’t get to the Jelly in Jack O’Lantern Oranges in the end.

Then we settled to watch The Vampire Lovers, (the two year old amongst us wanted to watch The Scars of Dracula, but she was outvoted).

By now I was ready to pass out.

The time? 6.55pm.


I’m cursed; it seems, to pass out in the early evening on Halloween. The Witching Hour? Forget it. I’d fall off my broomstick.


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