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Semagic just spoke to me

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the spell check told me off. it was a wizard.

It does speak now? Really?!
Does it read the text or ???

I was trying to set the spell checker when a wizard appeared and told me off. No, I wasn't on drugs.

No drugs, I know. It scared me to death this morning - in the office, in the middle of a boring meeting, when I was updating semagic and setting the spell checker. Well when I tried to do it. That went really well - me beetle red mumbling something about a new "assisstant" in excel. Ha ha. ::once more with feeling:: HA HA.

Now I use semagic and a feedreader, that combo works *much* better for me than the browser.
So, consider yourself a celeb, you are feeded! Or is that: you are on a feed? Anyway, I prefer feeded, like the sound of that word (it is a word! I made it up myself)... And now that mock version of Michael Jackson's Beat It is stuck in my head. Argh!

See, I don't even need any drugs to babble incoherenty... That's my natural talent!

Feeded? How? I had my dinner!

Shit. i'd better start being interesting...

Silly, you are interesting, why else would anybody read your journal (the other reason would be to mock you.... Nah!) Your adventures of the liquid variety are too funny! But if you want to branch out to food, have a go at it.

Already way too branched into food, thank you, maybe diets.

Would you believe I don't actually get to drink very often. Just I get the urge to post when I do...

That's funny - I drink on a daily basis but never get drunk (not even once in my entire life, which is sad and good equally); my stomach tells me exactly when to stop. Wonder what that tells about me... the stomach is faster than the brain... Eek.

I love your cryptic messages, they crack me up: short and to the point - whatever that point might be...

Actually, I don't great drunk usually - I'm just tipsy. I usually fall asleep before the drunk phase.

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