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A probably unwise post pub post

As LJ won't let me comment in her journal, I wanted to say a few words in support of anniesj, even though we no longer inhabit the same friends lists and she'll probably never see this.

I hope you're just having us on, but I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. But it's one of those cases that sometime prove that if you provoke people, then it must mean you're doing something right. My inner rebel is shouting her support! I hope you continue to stand up for what you believe in and don't let one sourpuss ruin it.

I'm so glad I'm British though.

The things that go on here! LJ can be a fascinating place, but a scary one too. I occassioanly (when very bored) look myself up on google. Imagine my delight to discover I'd been quoted elsewhere, but out of all the pearls of wisdom I've spouted in the past, why was it this one?

And a couple of asides.
1. Still upset about John Peel, may he RIP.
2. I've been using the new version of semagic and it keeps producing interesting little improvements that are well funky.
3. happy birthday to lapetitflower as LJ won't let me comment there either.

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I'm so glad I'm British though.

Me too! Ahem, I'd just like to add how greatly I admire and esteem Mr Blair and that I have absolutely no plans to kill him or so much as sneeze in his direction.. *Looks round nervously*

Well you can't be too careful can you? ;0)

Maybe it was the MI5 men your neighbour heard in your flat.

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