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Hello new friends!

1) There seems to have been a bit of a rush on friending me in the last couple of days, not sure why exactly it should happen now, but hello to you all!

Feel free to comment and nose around.

Anyone who feels like saying hello back and/or telling me why they friended me - what was it that triggered you exactly? Then comment below.

Give my poor, battered ego a stroke.

Anyone can play!

I'll probably regret this in the morning, but I'm bored.

2) Was going to make the above icon in Cross-stitch, but I can't be bothered now.

3) Yes, I've been at the wine.


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Well, I Friended you back on the 8th of September because of your wicked little "They shoot Pit-ponies, don't they?" fic. You probably already know that, we did mention it to each other at the time.

I didn't know All About Eve did "The Witch's Promise". Is it a cover of the Jethro Tull track?

Yep, I did remember that. I was aiming more a the 3 people who've friended me over the last couple of days - when i haven't done anything. Just made me wonder. But I didn't want to exclude anybody, so thanks for commenting!

Not sure what to say about All About Eve, I found it on Kazaa when looking for Halloween Music. I hadn't heard it before (and I know next to nothing about Jethro Tull).

You crack me up.

I like it when you get into the wine.

Ah, yes! 'Pit-ponies', that, was precious.

Ah the Pit Pony! My finest moment it seems.

People have said I'm amusing when I'm drunk, but it seems to be giving me strange jealousy dreams about the ex.

hey I friended you, i'm still somewhat of newbie on LJ, and was looking for people from whom i've read stories or that i've seen around in anything relating Btvs, so yesterdy i saw your name and it seemed familiar, then went to your website and remeber i haver actually read some of your stories, so i added you to my friends list. :-D

Thank you, and you are very welcome!

Gettin in on the flurry - I just friended you today and did it cause I wandered into your lj through the spike_fics where (in the user info)I saw you promised a spanking for all not behavin! Thought I'd snoop you out, which I did, and liked your journal. And I was out flist surfing because I am currently thinking I need to expand my flist.

Hello and welcome!

And I was out flist surfing because I am currently thinking I need to expand my flist.

Hee. I obviously pased the interview. ;)

::waves arms wildly:: Hello.
Why I did friend you? Hm lemme think.
Your snark? You wonderful deep, meaning- and insightful thoughts? ::giggles::
Sorry don't remember why I came here in the first place, but I do remember that I did like it here, so I stayed.

::takes pillow nothing and makes herself comfortable on your couch comfy chair chair floor::

Now I remember:
Your beautiful icons, wonderful banners, awesome wallpapers, interesting and intriguing stories are too wonderful to miss. There you have it.
Enough ego stroking?
Can I sit on the couch now?

Regarding your site: it is still up, under the old link:
click except for the main page that is. Everything else seems to be working.

My snark? What snark! I'm innocent! okay, maybe not.

The couch is yours! You are very welcome and my ego is purring along nicely now.

Looks like I broke the site myself, when I updated it. All fixed now.

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