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Had a really disturbing dream last night.

JM was in London and was beaten up in front of a Asian bookshop for being American. He had a very nasty head injury and died a couple of days later, poor bloke. The Asians in the bookshop (who had nothing to do with the attack) then decided they would open a restaurant to cash in.

Don't worry though, my dreams have absolutely no history of prediction at all. I had a dream last where I dreamt I won £10,000 on a Lottery scratch card.

I won a pound.

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Eeeep, poor James.
Good thing you're not precognitive - hopefully.

It was a weird dream actually, as if I knew I was dreaming but not in control. After the attack I was thinking: "Oh, that's a bit nasty, poor James." then some other stuff happened which involved Joss, but I can't remember what it was - something about an old photo from the 80's.
Then I found James had died and it was "Hang on a minute that's not supposed to happen!" and then I woke up.

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