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No drabble today. I actually had to work and that WIP is stamping it's foot.

Thanks go to red_sunflower for the pretty icon she made me.

Now I shall meme.

The problem with these memes is balancing obscurity with being interesting and trying to make everyone jealous or back away slowly. I’ll have a go:

Name a CD you own that no-one else on your friends list does:
This is going to be difficult. A lot of stiff competition on my FL. Gonna hedge my bets.
Radiator by Radiator? Nature Creates Freaks by Cay?
Just in case, I’m going to call on New Age.
Celestial Forest by Chiaki Imai – I got this at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. It was a beautiful day in early summer, a real magical moment. Really chilled. They were playing it in the shop and it was perfect. Of course, I’ve never played it since.

Name a book you own that no-one else on your friends list does:
Loads probably. I have lots of books by Tanith Lee, many on the Occult, Witchcraft and Paganism. Also a few books on Prehistoric Archaeology. I’m going for a couple: Vampires, Burial and Death: Folklore and Reality by Paul Barber and The Vampire by Ornella Volta. The last one was especially interesting/grim.

Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/whatever that no-one else on your friends list does:
I doubt I have many that no one has. A Company of Wolves on DVD? Or The Witchfinder General?. ETA Oh dear. The Bat? The vampire Lovers? Two seasons of Teachers?

Name a place that you have visited that no-one else on your friends list has:
With paratti on my list, this going to be hard. Um, anyone been to Sun City in South Africa or Phitsanulok (worst place I have ever seen) in Thailand?

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Ha! I have Vampires, Burial, and Death AND Company of Wolves.

Damn. I knew you would get me on something! Just thought it'd be CD's, hence the resorting to New Age.

Didn't play Sun City and I'm pretty sure that wasn't one of the places I went to in Thailand;)

It's right in the middle of Thailand and we were only there because we were driven from bangkok to Chang Mai.

Hehe. Been to Sun City? Check. Sorry my dear.
Have you been to Skukuza?

Now about Thailand, where's Kako when I need her?

Did you stay in the Cascades though?

No, at the Palace of Lost City. I was there 1993 - everything was new and the paint still wet.
Not really, but it looked that way. It was quite an experience after our stay at the Kruger Park.

I was there in 1988. I got very bored in the Kuger Park.

The guide makes all the difference ;-P

Yeah, being driven arond by your Dad doesn't have the same feel, I could've been in a safari park. We'd have seen more in a safari park.

I'm here! Reporting for duty.

Oh yeah, that reminds me...
Asent Without Leave. ;)

I knew you were there. But sleeping doesn't count, so she says. She's cheating...

Asent?!? as in ascend?

I am such a craaaappy typist. I meant 'absent'.


She's cheating...
Yeah, let's go tell on her.

Thanks to the SO, we have Witchfinder General.

Place I've visited: Avebury.

Scuppered on the DVD - as I thought I might be. Do you have The Bat, The Vampire Lovers?

Is that one film?

In any case, no, we don't.

No is two different ones. The Bat has Vincent Price and The Vampire Lovers is a Hammer film. I don't have that many DVD's but VP and hammer are well represented.

darling_effect beat me to it, but I also own Vampires, Burial, and Death. Good book. It makes me really pissed off when people try to 'correct' on what 'real' vampire myths say. *head desk*

I suppose expecting vampires fans to not have books on vampires was a little optimistic. I have only actually read the first chapter, but it was very interesting.

Hey, I took the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai so I probably passed through Phitsanulok.

I was sleeping but that still counts doesn't it?

No! Because you won't have been to the open air Flying Wok restaurant, where hoardes of Germans watch as their dinner is fried and then flung into the air dramatically by the chef, unfortunately straight through the thick carpet of flies that surrounded all the lights. I'd like to point out, we did not eat there.

Don't you know that you never must look at the ceiling or under the bed, a sink, a table in hotels or restaurants? tsk tsk. You will find horrible things there. Horrible!

We have video evidence of just how horrendous this was. It wasn't just one or two bugs, but millions.


I think I will not ever want to go there. I do enjoy my meat, but not bugs! My lunch has the burning desire to reemerge now - to put it delicately.

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