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I'm not going to apoligise for more drabbling, sorry. Er... oops?

Strong - Bogwitch
(Spike and Dawn, BtVS, the summer between Seasons 5 and 6)

A long smooth back, a curve of finely toned butt, a naked vampire sprawled across a cold tomb like a carving of an angel in mourning anguish. Snookered from too much cheap scotch, he’s barely conscious, blissfully numb.

She places the spare clothes on his chair ready and dumps the ones he’s ruined in a black sack. The demon’s viscera have burned through the denim, and it stings in contact with her hand.

Dawn tries not to look at him. If she sees the agony on his face, she’ll crumple too and today she needs to be the strong one.


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That's very lovely and very poignant. Excellent.


Dawn has obviously become entirely immune to naked vampire tush over time.

And guaranteed dead Buffy. Right up your street.

Don't ever apologize for the drabbles, I love them.

Weren't. Glad you like them. Might have another soon.

I just happened to be passing by when I saw the Spike & Dawn drabble and froze in my tracks! Lovely! And, not to appear too much like a stalker, but I've always enjoyed your feedback for my Spara series as well, so I friended you. I just thought I would let you know!

I didn't know you were A Spike/Dawn shipper - now I do!

Friend away, I've friended back.

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