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Time's Up! It's drabble time. Waiting for Someone?

You're all pretty sick of these, I'm sure.

But calove and I agreed there should be more fic in which Spike remained naked throughout (a worthy desire, I think you'll agree). A drabble challenge was hastily set (as we're too lazy to write anything longer in 24 hours), in which Spike must be naked and we pick an extra character for the other to write.

calove picked Willow for me:

Waiting for Someone? - Bogwitch
(BtVS, Season 6, Spike and Willow)


Okay, Breathe, Willow Rosenburg breathe. Big. Deep. Breaths.

She peeps out from behind her fingers. He’s still there, still naked in all his brazen glory, the candlelight of his crypt strokes a golden sheen over his smooth pale skin – all of it.

“Hey! Clothes! You know, made for covering up naked parts!” She babbles, wishing she’d never come here.

He’s… She’s seen men, even if she’s gay now, but he’s… No Oz. No, he’s toned and lean and… Don’t look at that! And he’s not nearly as embarrassed as she is; in fact he’s downright cocky.

Cocky? Oh hell.


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Inappropriate word association got me out of a right hole here. Spent hours thinking what was wrong.

It needed a punchline, and Lo! There was was one sitting in the middle, so I had to do a hasty rearrangement.

HEE! Brilliant!


Phew and just in time. Inspired during Too Posh to Wash.

Seriously? I must watch it!

Loved this. Still giggling.

Another one?


For that you have Lorne.

Well, she was your idea :)

LORNE!!! You have got to be joking! WTF do I know about Lorne? Well, apart from the fact he's blue... or is it green?


As I seem to have had an idea, how about Dawn?

No. I'm doing Lorne.

::stamps foot::

So there.

Can I do Dawn then? *flutters eylashes*

Cordelia is so narrow, they only met twice! The only leeway is in season two.

Bugger. Cordelia is hard. It's not her exactly, it's getting them in the same place. Season two it has to be.

I only picked her yesterday off the top of my head. Eep.

OK, you can have Dawn.

But no Spawn or I may have to shoot you.

No, not Spawn. I have a good idea.

I'll do Cordelia too if I can.

(Deleted comment)
I'm detecting a theme to these comments. Thanks.

Thanks. My first Willow appears to be a success.

Okay this? Is a magnificent use of first person!! I loved this!!!

You're welcome and yes, I meant present tense!

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