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Yet another drabble

Boredom produceth ye drabble.

This one is a bit like a poem. I think you can tell I'm crap at poetry.

The Stain Was Still There – Bogwitch
(BtVS, Buffy, Season Six, Post-Dead Things. For thomasina75’s first line meme thing)

The blood wouldn’t come off.

The borrowed blood from his broken face that had run through her fingers as she punched. Her hands were no longer red, but it didn’t matter because she knew the stain was still there.

It didn’t matter how hard she scrubbed, didn’t matter how much soap she used or how long she soaked them for, she knew the stain was still there.






Lemon juice and salt

Nothing worked. She knew the stain was still there.

She hopes she’ll never see him again, because she’ll know the stain was still there.


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Wow -- great job. I stumbled across some Dead Things pictures this weekend, and it really got me thinking about that scene. This gave me a little closure -- thanks. :)

Glad to be of service. :D

Ooh...good one.

Dead Things is one of my favourite episodes in Season 6.

It really irked me that the following episodes didn't reference the scene in the alley very much at all.

Guess that's why I cling to the fanfic to fill in the holes. I'd do it if I could write as well as some other people I know...hint, hint

Are you implying that I might be a tad slow with some stuff? I am working on it, I just have make sure I have all my foundations laid correctly or else I'm buggered.

Yep, I like Dead Things too. Nothing to do with all that naked flesh or anything... It irks me too that they didn't say anything, but it is the way of TV that events are glossed over. It just us obsessives that get really bothered.

Heh. Nope, I wasn't implying but I can get rather obsessive (I see you used the collective 'us' when referring to obsessives) about fic I care about.

Anyway, happy plotting and writing!

I might be slow, but I can garrantee that I haven't forgotten it. It's just hard and stuff.

Channeling Lady Macbeth tonight?

Just don't go chucking yourself off the top of any Scottish castles.

I don't have enough petrol.

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