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(no subject)

Can you get Swarfega in the US? If so, is it common?

If not, what would you use to remove motor oil from hands?

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I've never heard of Swarfega. However, the generic name of the product you would use to remove motor oil from your hands is "waterless hand cleaner." It's a greasy gel.

Sounds like the same stuff. Is it a particularly yucky green?

The stuff I've seen was sort of colorless -- like slightly more opaque Vaseline.

Damn. Oh well, just makes the drabble slightly less interesting. I just like the word.

"waterless hand cleaner" isn't very catchy, is it?

I never understood why Swarfega is that horrible green colour. Surely they could have made it look slightly less like radioactive ooze

My dad always used something called Goop. I swear, that's the actual brand name!

There is also some kind of citrus scented grainy stuff, but I can't remember what it is called.

Sounds a bit girly for the manly oily type.

No. It's quite nasty. They slather up with it and then wipe it on a shop towel and no longer feel the need to wash their hands. It's commonly found in auto repair shops and garages.

I'm sensing the bitterness of personal experience.

Good old Swarfega -- we always used to have it at home on the farm. Much needed after Dad had been fixing the tractor...

And Iiked the green colour. And the smell.

Before I asked this question, i did do a search and I only found UK, Austalian and New Zealand sites. I should have guessed really.

Funny how some things have a colonial connection. Like Swarfega. And cricket. Is it actually made in Britain?

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