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Drabble - Divided

Despite the aching sickness, Oh! *dramatic raises hand to fevered brow*

I have been able to finish off this drabble.

Divided – Bogwitch
(AtS, Season 5, Spike/Illyria)

When she’s like this, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Her fists lash, her kicks pound. He’s stretched at the top of his form and she’s barely making an effort to repel him. He’s always had a weakness for these powerful women that pull him into their web, even as they clash.

With the fight, comes the passion and with that… Well, Buffy could tell you a thing about that.

But when he looks at Illyria, really looks, he only sees Fred. And he’s revolted by those eyes with the dead stare, windows to a soul no more.

Tags: all fic, ats, drabble, illyria, sickness, spike, spike/illyria

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