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Drabble - Divided

Despite the aching sickness, Oh! *dramatic raises hand to fevered brow*

I have been able to finish off this drabble.

Divided – Bogwitch
(AtS, Season 5, Spike/Illyria)

When she’s like this, he can’t help but be drawn to her. Her fists lash, her kicks pound. He’s stretched at the top of his form and she’s barely making an effort to repel him. He’s always had a weakness for these powerful women that pull him into their web, even as they clash.

With the fight, comes the passion and with that… Well, Buffy could tell you a thing about that.

But when he looks at Illyria, really looks, he only sees Fred. And he’s revolted by those eyes with the dead stare, windows to a soul no more.


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(Deleted comment)

I've always found the 'ship interesting but faintly squicky, as I think Spike does too.

Oh, lovely. You've managed to sum up the complexity of their relationship with so few words.

Thank you.

I don't there was much time to make it too complicated though. :(

Mmmm. Nice.

And you did this while feeling icky? I'm impressed!

Well, maybe I did do a bit earier in the week...

Ha! Sussed!

Whatever - it's still good.

Thanks. Chapter 6 is progressing. On scene three now...

Good for you! Can't have been easy moving on past Shirtless!Spike. Tendency to dwell, don't you find?

My sequel... has stalled at the first hurdle. Bum.

Naked!Spike not inspiring enough? You are though to please.

You theme to have developed a lithp.

It was fine until I had to get him dressed. I wrote it then went off it. I'll look again late - I think I'm just too sober right now.

couldn't he spend the whole fic naked? Hmmm. That'll be nice.

It's true though. I did kind of hit a stop after I dressed him again.

God, can you imagine it? You'd run out of superlatives for the glorious hotness, though. Plus having a constant image of Naked!Spike in your head would mean you'd never get anything done. And then there'd be the lawsuits for drool damage from the readership.

Still... might put some mental effort into that one...

Now that's a challenge if ever i saw one, but no! I'm distracted enough already by these damn drabbles that won't stop coming out.

How about a naked drabble? With person of your choice?

You're offering to do one? Or you're challenging me to write one?

OK... you're on!

Well, Spike begs to be stripped naked and smothered in chocolate written. I'll probably start there - or maybe not. Are we aiming to get it up tonight? ::sigh:: The drabble. Honestly, your mind...

But you remember what happened with the ice-cream drabbles. You sure you want to start this?

It might stop me drabbling Illyria. Unless you pick Illyria.

Give ourselves 24 hrs, eh?


Exactly 100 words.
Spike must be naked throughout.
We both pick one other character for the other to include (it ain't necessarily sex...)

Agree? Anything to add?

OK. Not Illyria (although I do love your Illyria). Hmm. Give me a mo to think who I want to see you write.

You can have Illyria if you like.

Erk. I haven't the first idea where to start with Illyria. Never written her and always been too scared to try.

OK. Someone I haven't seen you write before. I'm toying with the idea of Riley... nah. How about Willow?

Riley would be a eep moment, definitely. I'll take Willow. That's fine. I have written her, just you haven't seen it yet.

How about Cordelia for you?

Cordy is pre-BtVS S5 and AtS S5, therefore off my radar. I know absolutely nothing about her! No, I'll give Illyria a go, but it's never going to be your standard.

Okay take Illyria. Just keep her robotic and imperious or just cheat and turn her into Fred.

I've written my first line. Shame i have no idea just what the premise is.

Excellent! I liked them all, but this one the best. Thanks.

Thanks. I haven't got a favourite, but I admit yesterday's was a bit crap.

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