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Go away.

I've got a hangover.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I wouldn't mind but I only had a glass and half of wine (I was a bit tipsy, but i rarely drink). I just feel like shit and it's 4.30 and it's not going away. I can't think of another explaination.

(Deleted comment)
I've been doing that all day! I'm getting annoyed now.

My head wants to explode.

::sings very loudly and off-key while getting the percussion drilling machine ready::

You're welcome.

::hands over ice pack and pain killers::

Ooh painkillers. Like those.

This is Britain, don't we only have ice packs unless we're easily tempted by the innovations catalogue? And make do with bags of frozen peas? 'Cept I don't like peas...

Frozen meat? Lucky as I am you are vegetarian... What about ice cream? Bottle of booze? Frozen mint sauce?

Do you have a freezer at all? A fridge?

Espresso with fresh lemon juice? Tastes awfully but helps. Tea with lemon juice. You must have that.

Tomato juice with worcestershire sauce(sp?) (no pepper!)
Raw eggs with cayenne pepper?

Hm, running out of ideas...

There's some packets of prawns.

Tomato juice with worcestershire sauce(sp?) (no pepper!)
Raw eggs with cayenne pepper?

None of these things will ever enter my mouth in a million years. and if they did they'd be straight out again.

This must be flu or something. A glass of wine isn't enough for this.

The flu. Hm, vitamin C, as in lemons, grapefruits, kiwis, bananas etc. Did you try to sleep? Take a walk in the park? Or better not if you're feverish. Peppermint tea or candies?

Or I could try to annoy you even more - to make you forget the flu... Nah, not gonna do that. That would be mean.

::sends healing vibes::

Pills and pro plus have worked some magic but i feel nauseaous now. Alas there appears to be no Vit C in the house, unless carrots have some. I'm having them for tea.

Feel free to annoy me all you like.

You sure it's a hangover? Not PMS headache? Try vit C (orange juice will do) if it's a hangover. Either way, take the pain killers and go for a walk in the fresh, distinctly parky air.

Fresh air? Outside?????


All I've managed to do today is nap and watch DVD's endlessly. I can't seem to look at the computer screen for long.

Actually I'm beginning to suspect flu. I don't think there's any vit C in the flat - Scurvy, that's it.

Scurvy? It's me wot's been cooped up aboard boat for months, not you.

Talking of the flat - what's the update on that?

There is no update. it's still in limbo. I've just put the price down £2000.

Oh, dear. Poor you. I feel all guilty for nagging you about the WIP now.

Cuddle down under the covers with a hot Spike drink If only I were Jewish I could send you virtual chicken soup - but as I'm a Geordie have this warm Newcastle Broon.

Thanks. Actually feeling a bit better now the headache has gone. Just feeling gently queasy.

I might just be able to lift a pen...

(Spillyria drabble a'comin')

Spillyria, huh?

::passes you the Naked!Spike pen::


Oh, and glad you're feeling better :)

Um. Not much naked!Spike in it. But the WIP now has a shirtless Spike scene.

Oh, that makes me very happy!

Mind you, the first chapter of the sequel has stark-bollock naked Spike. I think maybe it peaks to early...

Depends on whether it peaks later on, eh? At least you started!

Spillyria now available to the world.

Your icon is freaking brilliant. Sorry about the hangover. ::hugs::

There's a make your own Mr Men page here. I think you can tell what my mood was at the time:

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