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Back from the first circle of hell.

I don't know why I do it to myself. I'd invited by my mother shopping in Watford (why???) and somehow the venue got changed to Milton Keynes.

I can't believe I've been going to the place for 15 years and I still got lost. Where did the old building with the big dome come from? I thought they'd knocked that pyramid down? I'm sure the pixies come and move it all once I've been.

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There was a SciFi con, remember? The little green men probably shifted everything. Hence the pyramid. They needed somewhere to land their spaceship (I've seen Stargate - I know these things...)

Pleased to hear you survived both your mum and MK...

And I bought was a pen and plastic tablecloth for my efforts.

Doesn't sound like much of a reward.

Was it one of those pens that you turn upside down and Spike's trousers fall off?

Ooh, were do I get one of those?

No. But it has bats on. I saw it and thought, 'That's my pen!'.

How did you get your name to appear sideways on that icon? Everytime I try ( by rotating the pic, adding the text and then rotating it back) my text appears at the bottom as per normal.

Hi there.

What are you using to do it with? I just rotate the icon like you said.

I use Photoplus 4.

I rotate the pic, put the text on and rotate it back. The text rotates with it for some reason.

I use Paint Shop Pro and it's fine. I can do it for you if you want.

Happy Belated Birthday btw.

Finally worked out how to do it. I needed to save the rotated image with the text and reopen it.

Thanks for the b'day greetings. Am having a joint family birthday dinner tonight with the daughter (we all, MWNN, Totkat and me, have Ocotber birthdays) and new boyfriend.

So, for a pressie, how about using this base pic to make me a hesadevil icon with sideways pretty text?

I'm cooking dinner btw, as we speak.

Okay, I'll look at it in the morning!

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