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Drabble - Snow blindness

Oop. I appear to have written a drabble again.

Snow Blindness - Bogwitch
(AtS, Illyria)

After the End there was snow.

The blizzard lasted for days without count, piling a virgin freshness over the contamination, the soot and the detritus of war.

Illyria spent hours at the window, hand pressed against the glass as if trying to ward away the innocence with the force of her will.

It would've worked once.

This was the rebirth of the world. She was out of place, out of step, an Old One in a new age of mankind.

"The only constant is change," they were her first words in days, and they'll be her last for an epoch.


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Ooh, lovely imagery.

"The only constant is change," they were her first words in days, and they'll be her last for an epoch.

Wow. Very powerful...


It originally had Spike in it, but he felt out of place and buggered off.

(Deleted comment)
Yep, there's a spare Spike today. He wasn't very happy locked up with the Snow Queen anyway.

It took this long to get through then? ;)

Bloody NTL, you're probably better off. Still that leaves you without BB and that's a pain. Anyone else do your area? or was it an all or nothing package dealie?

(Deleted comment)
Gosh, thanks. I wasn't sure I'd quite captured it this time.

Very nice. I can feel the cold.

Very Illyria like. She is sharp in her mind and so reflects this drabble. Very nice.


She is an immensely powerful being, but there are forces even she is subject to.

Brrr ::shivers::

See? Nice little drabble made you feel a bit better. Occupy your over-active brain and all that. Now, just write some more. No more bleak landscapes and cold, though. Cheerful - kill Buffy or something.

The doctor has spoken.

See I'll do anything to avoid the WIP. At least now I have the plan worked out and I know exactly what I have to wite. I just have to get on with it.

This was great, but I do like Cass's idea...kill Buffy.

Not killing Buffy! Just torturing her a bit.

Well, I suppose torture will just have to do then.

I killed Pit Pony Buffy off. Won't that do?

Pit Pony Buffy? I'm not quite sure who/what that is, but killing off any Buffy will work for today.

Somehow I had missed that post. Interesting.

I think it reflects some of my best work.

But I don't normally advocate hitting animals with shovels. I want to make that clear.

I'm sure by now you are being watched and investigated for virtual animal cruelty.

In the next installment then, Spike will look after soame nice fluffy bunnies in a suitable and stimulating environment.

Bunnies, is he trying to scare Anya away?

Maybe. It'll need plot.

Quick plot: Spike is having nightmares about dead Anya coming back to haunt him because he was able to close the Hellmouth, but not save her and even though he died, he was able to come back. Lots of angst.

I was only planning on a drabble.

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