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I'm safe!

Just checking in to say I got back from London and Common Rotation safely - Just. Some running for trains was required.


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Glad you made it ok! I hope you enjoyed the show.:)

Yeah. i think I did. More later.

Ta! I am most relieved to be in one piece still after late night public transport.

Yay! You're safe!

What are you safe from?

I went to see Adam Busch@s band play, except it was halfway across London and I nearly didn't get back on the Tube.

Yay! Glad you're back. Did you enjoy the gig?

Yeah, I think so. My feet didn't though and I had to go and sit down (which was round a corner). I think I missed a lot of the performance that way.

Yeah, we were all in agony by the end of it. My feet are still recovering

gamiila ended up taking her boots off. Which isn't surprizing considering the height of them!

Cass was wandering around with no shoes on on Saturday too. Should have taken mine off really but I was worried someone would step on my toes

I found a nice spot by the bar, but I was rather alone. I did some writing instead. I hope no one thought I was being anti-social.

Writing is always good :)

I had a good idea for my sub-plot, so it was worth doing!

I wondered where you'd got to. How was Adam?

Adam was energetic. I didn't get to stay after the gig as I had trains to catch unfortunately.

I'll have a review later.

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