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Question which has been bugging me for some time

Does anyone know a way of removing all the line breaks in a Mircosoft Word document all at once?

As someone who prints lots of fic, space between each bloody sentence royally pisses me off. Which is one reason why I love big chunky paragraphs - I'm old fashioned that way.

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Do a search-and-replace on the line breaks and replace them with nothing.

Oops, wait. You should probably replace them with a space.

Ha, you got in before me!

Oh, and thanks!

That's still a mega-paragraph.

Hm. Is it the kind with a blank line between paragraphs? If so, you could close it up some and still have paragraphs by replacing every pair of line breaks with one line break and five spaces, thus giving yourself indented paragraphs with no blank lines.

Those I can adjust using a style or with the paragraph settings. elsaf came up with a solution below, and that works some of the time.

I thought of that, but didn't think it would work and oh, it does!

Problem now is everything is now in the single paragraph from hell.

The way I do it:

First pass: Replace all the paragraph breaks (^p^p) with a character not likely to appear in the text. I use a ~. Second pass: Replace all line breaks (single ^p) with a space. Third pass: Replace all the ~ with paragraph breaks (^p^p). Voila!

Thanks. Blimey. That looks complicated. I just give it a go...

This is not working for me. I see the principle of it, but my sample text only has 1 line break to fix.

I lie. I have just tried it on something from FFN and it worked! Woo!

It must depend on the source, because it wouldn't do it on the sample from LJ that I used, even when I tried different paste specials; even though s documents they looked pretty much the same.

That's because LJ uses a different invisible character for linebreaks. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to discover a good search character for LJ text. :-)

You have time to print out and read lots of fic? I'm impressed.

Mind you, I seem to be not writing and could do with some reading material, but I just look at the volume and panic. Care to rec any that won't take me the next six months to catch up on?

I haven't read much lately, but I have two boxes full of prints.

have you read that Kalima yet? Because she's very good - if dark.

Ah, ha! On LJ text, try it using ^l^l rather than ^p^p.

I should have realized that before. LJ uses "line feed" rather than "carriage return" for it's line breaks.

Woo! Thank you, that'll save me so much time.


I bet you go through lots of paper. . . ^^

Tell be about it. Printer ink is this worst though. It's a nightmare now I've got lumbered with this poxy Epson which prints in either unreadable draft or mega-super-lets-use-all-the-ink-in-one-go mode.

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