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Wallpaper Perestroika

I've come to the conclusion that I'm on a totally different wavelength to everyone else.

Take fan art.

Everyone seems to have a nice icon that's made of many layers, is probably beigey-brown, with a blurry pic and a mournful caption - they're works of art. Or make wallpapers that are pretty and have swirly bits.

I try to re-create Russian propaganda art.

It's not really pretty, but I'm rather proud of it.

Oh and thanks have to go to gamiila and calove for helping me come up with the words.

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I love it! I love that scene on the show. Can I snag it?

(surfing in from friendsfriends)

Brilliant! And I'm not even a Spike fan :-D

FWIW, my wallpapers are never swirly and rarely pretty and I despise blurry beige "art" icons.

Now I need to try that style myself...

FWIW, my wallpapers are never swirly and rarely pretty

Thanks. Hey, you're not bad yourself.

I despise blurry beige "art" icons.

Hah! You know the ones I mean then! I've entered a couple of icon competions and I always lose to the beige. I don't mind them, but they're everywhere. I prefer clearer, cleaner design.

Now I need to try that style myself...

Let me see how you get on.

That's cool!



god i love you.

wanna make me some fanart for "charmed life?" i need punk spike & billy. i've even got the perfect already poster-ized image of billy for this.


Um. Okay. The muse has a tendency to do what it wants to do, but I'll give it a go.

Where's this Billy pic then?

Let the ruling slayers tremble at a vampire revolution. The vampires have nothing to lose but their chains. They have the night to win.
Vampires of all lands unite!

Love it!


Thought you might it.


Hey, be proud. You are a the trend-setter, not a sheep!

I adore it.

The text is tricky, first I even didn't try to read it at all - don't understand more than five words of russian - but then pling![insert picture of bright light bulb here]. You're a genius. ::bows in admiration::

Ahem, where is the accompanying icon to snag?

Need some sleep now, good night.

You're 5 words up on me!

The text is rather good, isn't it? I found a font called workers party which is based on russian propaganda art and was perfect for the job - except it didn't have a question mark, so I have to use one from another Russian style font called Soviet. I have a passion for fonts (in case you haven't noticed).

I'll think about an icon later.

That's great! I love it! Very creative. :)

I absolutely adore it! I'm not a huge wallpaper fan but...I wouldn't mind having this one. I love the whole cold war vibe it has going on. It would look cool on a T shirt...with my Mao wristwatch. :) It's so Clash-esque too. It's uber-cool. <lj user="sly_old_dog>'s got the right idea. Definate icon material. Rage against the machine, Spike!

Believe it or not, I'm not a big wallpaper fan either, i usually have a screencap or something, but I do like messing about with Paint Shop Pro.

It would make an excellent T-Shirt, wouldn't it? I don't have a Mao watch (But I'd like one), but it'd go nicely with my German army shirt and Russian cap badge.

I'm so pleased people liked it because i'm so proud of the way it came out - my ideas don't always work! I didn't think anyone would be interested.

You march to the beat of a different drummer! In a good way, like. ;0)

Amazing wallpaper. :0D

You march to the beat of a different drummer! In a good way, like. ;0)

You don't know the half of it! And I'm not even trying.

I really like your wallpaper. I think I will print it.

Thanks, I hope that doesn't brimg all the imperfections out!

WOW! I'm so pleased with all the response you've been getting for this - told you it was good, didn't I? Also, extremely proud to see you took my idea and ran with it!

Thanks for the suggestion! It was the 'Let's Annihilate 'em' but that really sold it, plus it looked much better with a longer statement.

I'm bowled over by the response (it must have been a busy night, the silly drabbley thing did well too). Makes up for my post-chapter depression. I really thought this would be of minority interest as I've noticed people do seen to prefer soft swirliness to my more graphic design style and well... the communist angle.

It's not meant to be pretty, but I've always liked the style.

omg! I think I'm the worst LJ friend ever. I showed this to my mates but I did not comment?!


This is cooooooool.

::is shocked::

You really are having a rummage, aren't you? Shame I constantly forget to put stuff in memories.

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