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They shoot pit-ponies, don't they?

janedavitt is having a very interesting discussion on Fanon and Canon, although it's wandered of topic a bit (Sorry Jane!). Anyway as a result of ideas by Jane and paratti, I wrote this:

Spike/Buffy. Human/Pit Pony AU. With added character death.

They Shoot Pit Ponies, Don't They? by Bogwitch

She couldn't see. She hadn't seen anything for hours since the Davey Lamp went out with the rock fall. And she couldn't feel her leg, the one she'd kicked Ol'Doherty with last Friday as he'd tried to persuade her down Deep Shaft Number One. She thinks it's broken, but she doesn't have the strength to test it and her harness is pinning her down.
A dancing light in the darkness becomes a face, and it's Spike. She's his favourite. She knows, he's told her, every night back in the stable when he rubs her down.
"Oh, Buffy. Look at you." He holds her head in his lap and rubs her ears, not too manly for tears. He doesn't care that she's filthy, caked with coal dust and blood. He whispers a soft goodbye, tells her he loves her. Then brains her with his shovel.

I'm going to hell.

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Sounds like something our Spike should have done in season 6. {g}

That was pretty much the point!

You know, this is actually kinda sweet--until that last line! Hee! ;-)

It's a trademark I'm working on.

I feel so proud to have been a small part of inspiring this, uh, black diamond (is that what they used to call coal?) :;mists over::

Thanks, I'm very proud of it.

O.M.G I've written human AU! Anyone will hate me now!

omg you evil hOr!

I die now.

paratti made me do it!

Okay, she didn't but I'm blaming her anyway.

Human AU!


Why did nobody stop me?

I'm going to hell.
Yep, you deserve it, you are evil!

Then you're coming with me.

Bill Gates can whip your ass for eternity.

And I thought you were such a nice person.

Nah, I'm lying. Poor pony. Fancy being saddled with a name like Buffy.

How is hell this time of year?

How is hell this time of year?

A bit parky, only 200 degrees or so.

Yay! It was brilliant! Perhaps it could have been more violent? Your best Spuffy ever! ;0)

LOL. It's certainly gone down well.

Perhaps it could have been more violent?

She's still a pony. Poor thing.

*Snerk* I almost spat my cherry tomato out! Yeah, I'm eating cherry tomotoes before's a thing. Anyway...

I'm sooo very glad I friended you! Bwahahhahaha! ::cackles evilly with you:: If it wasn't so close to bedtime I might wander off to see firsthand the genius that inspired this. Also, love the song choice.

That was evil. Friending you now.

That's a fantastic reason to friend someone. Friended back.

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