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I am so f***ing angry right now.

Dear NTL

I am sick and tired of being a customer of yours.

I am sick of the endless waits on the phone only to be cut off or for my call to not be answered.
I am sick of being passed around department to department.
I am sick of the bullshit excuses given when things go wrong and the complete lack of action taken,.
I am sick of your engineers not turning up when they’re supposed to.
I am sick of taking time off for engineers to not show up.
I am sick of calling again and again and again and getting nowhere.
I am sick of having to set an hour free to call you just to get a small problem solved.
I am sick of your customer disservice.
I am sick of your ‘improvements’ to the TV services that don’t work and are worse than the shitty service I had before.
I am sick of your prices hikes for this pile of shite.
I am sick of your lack of respect for me as your customer.
I am sick of you being the only company from whom I can get a TV picture.

I am sick of dealing with NTL full stop.
You are putting me through hell.

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Actually, I saw your name on a friend of a friend list and remembered that I had read a story of yours a while back. I believe it was "Sunspots".

I think I found it through _wisteria's lj when I used to lurk there. I thought that your writing was really good and I always meant to get to your other stuff. Then I forgot. But I found you again! Yay!

I know that feeling!

Sunspots got a lot of attention, probably because I wrote it for her.

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