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I am so f***ing angry right now.

Dear NTL

I am sick and tired of being a customer of yours.

I am sick of the endless waits on the phone only to be cut off or for my call to not be answered.
I am sick of being passed around department to department.
I am sick of the bullshit excuses given when things go wrong and the complete lack of action taken,.
I am sick of your engineers not turning up when they’re supposed to.
I am sick of taking time off for engineers to not show up.
I am sick of calling again and again and again and getting nowhere.
I am sick of having to set an hour free to call you just to get a small problem solved.
I am sick of your customer disservice.
I am sick of your ‘improvements’ to the TV services that don’t work and are worse than the shitty service I had before.
I am sick of your prices hikes for this pile of shite.
I am sick of your lack of respect for me as your customer.
I am sick of you being the only company from whom I can get a TV picture.

I am sick of dealing with NTL full stop.
You are putting me through hell.

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Try complaining about them to the Guardian's consumer column. They seem to get things done for those that do.

I might just do that.

I was so annoyed with them today, I nearly threw their cable box out of the window. But then I'd have no broadband and that would be no good!

I have sent them the above complaint.

Good. Hope they get their act together, though have to admit, have never heard much good about them.

No neither am I. I hate hate hate them, but it would cost me a fortune to get Sky. If I have to move soon then I won't sign back up with them.

My sister, who lives in Milton Keynes, approached NTL to give her a cable connection, and they didn't even appear to want her custom. Weird.

I'm suprized they have any customers at all, frankly.

It wouldn't matter if this was the first time, but it happens again and again.

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