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Illyria Wallpaper

I made a nice little wallpaper with Illyria and the recent perseid meteor shower (from apod).

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Wow. Those are beautiful! The text makes it perfect IMHO.

Thanks. The text is there to hide a few sins! LOL.

That is really, really pretty. Wow.

Thank you!

Stars are always pretty, imo.

I love that, it looks ghostly and magical, did you see my wall paper i did of the graveyard, i just stole tons of amaing graphics and put them all together.

mine is in your face though, and yours is inmspiring and enchanting.

love it and thanx for your comments the other day, we shoulkd really go out for that drink one day. :)

eekk at typo's lol



Thank you. I never saw the graveyard one, it sounds interesting.

It's very nice!

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