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First in an occasional series (depending on how bored I am)

My review of season seven, as I pointed out to shapinglight and liliaeth.

Lessons - Boring but for Spike. Buffy has an awful outfit.
Beneath You - Good except for the yucky blue shirt of yuck. Great ending.
The one that came next - Yawwwwwwwwwn! Wake me up for Selfless, yeah?
The one after that - Zzzzzzzzzzz.
Selfless - Liked it, especially the flashbacks. Should've been the last we saw of Anya.
Him - Ho hum.
CWDP - WHERE?S THE SPIKE?????????!!!!!!!!
Sleeper - Mmmm. Sleeper. Love it to bits.
Never Leave Me - Alright, I suppose. Nothing special.
Bring on the Night - Blah Blah Blah.
Showtime - More Blah.
Potential - Not bad, but could've been better.
Killer in Me - Okay. What is the point of all that filming in the dark? I can't see Spike, humph.
First Date - It's not bad.
Get it Done - Liked this one. Yes, the coat being in the basement is bothersome
Storyteller - Good ep. Not enough Spike.
LMPTM - Pretty good. Crap wig.
Dirty Girls - Like this one. Shame Caleb is rubbish.
Empty Places - Never can remember this one.
Touched - I liked the Spike bits. Don't give two hoots for the rest.
End of Days - One good scene in the kitchen. Don't remember the rest of the ep. Probably for the best.
Chosen - Good, but what the hell is Angel doing there? Piss off! You have your own show to be boring in!

Feel free to poke at it.

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Oh honey, Him is not ho hum. Him (except for the Spander scenes) in unmitigated CRAP! Buffy humping a high school student? That was supposed to be funny? Yuch!

I was trying to be fair...

No, you're right it's crap. I liked the bazooka and the four-way cut thingy. Maybe I bumped up the score for them.

Yeah, I forgot the bazooka scene. That is a classic. And I haven't watched any season 7 episodes since they were first aired, so my remembery is shakey. But Him really punched my ick buttons with the Buffy/RJ scene and I kinda froze on that image.

Funny, although I know that it should bother me, it just doesn't. I think his overall non-entityness (and that of the ep) doesn't help.

That Buffy/RJ scene was completely repulsive.

I found it very hard to care. This may have an awful lot to do with the fact I truly was only watching for Spike. So when he's not there I drift off...

I'm torn between not caring and feeling totally repulsed by the Buffy/RJ scene. At the time it didn't bother me too much (because Him was such a fluff episode) but when I saw the cap included in a Buffy calendar and I was totally squicked.

The calendar would be a step too far, yes.

I am right there with you -- except for my lust love of the Blue Shirt.

I thought the one about the girl who could see the future was the most boring hour of Buffy ever. Could they have read one more depressing poem out loud? Bleh. I wasn't too wild about Willow's invisible return either. There was no energy in either episode.

I'm pretty much satisfied with with rest. And I'm the one freak in the world who actually liked "Him". It had the Bazooka scene!

I thought the one about the girl who could see the future was the most boring hour of Buffy ever.

Wasn't it just?

And the Bazooka was super.

Absolutely. The criminal thing about season 7 (apart from all the other criminal things about it) was that it was so bloody boring!

And with too many new characters no one gave a toss about. One or two you could get away with, but when you bring back everyone else as well...

Did you read Herself's post about learning to love season 7, and the subsequent discussion? I find it hard to believe that I would be converted if I could bring myself to watch it again... I was desperate for any Spuffy hints but they would tease you and then stomp on it again.

Yes, I did read and comment (pretty much saying the same thing).

I do agree with her about the Spuffy storyline. I'd been convinced she loved him from season 6 and was waiting for it, and it was there. I don't care what anyone says. I think she was too trumatised in season six to recognise it, let alone express it, but the connection is UNDENIABLE. She knows loving him is impossible. He's a souless vampire, she can't trust him, Angel was bad enough. What if the chip fails? She can't love, he's SPIKE - the (un)living embodiment of everything she hates about her calling. She's hated him. She's not even in a fit state to be feeling these things for anyone. Etc, etc.

By the time he's returned with the soul, she's happier, but he's a mess and too much has happened - yet nearly all their significant major emotional scenes are with each other again. She does want to start anything now. Not in front of the potentials, not while the house is full of people (who ha! know anyway), not until the apocalpse is over. She wanted to say 'I love you' in End of Days, and she should have. She missed her moment truly. Butshe couldn't commit to the depth he wanted right then in the endgame. There was always afterwards, and that is her tragedy. And I loved that (with a few nits I could pick...)

I stand by what I said about the rest of season 7 though. It's flat, clumsy and ignores too many plot points and main characters. It fails to focus on scenes which should have had great drama, to introduce new characters we don't get enough time/development to connect with or care about. Much as I love Andrew, he steals the limelight from Willow and Xander whose stories (what stories?!)should have been stronger. The plot is resolved with convenient props (the scythe is silly and meaningless. Willow could've done the spell without it). All the time collecting could've been spent on character work, and not people sitting around the house complaining... Eep you've set me off again!

I hope that arguement makes sense.

I really really wish I could believe what you say about S/B. It certainly wasn't enough to convince me. I mean I believe under everything she did love him in season 6 and 7 but couldn't show it for the reasons you say. But the whole thing was so cruel and pointless. And I don't think she showed it enough for Spike to believe it.

Kindly and unbiased as ever! ;0)

There again season 7 was pants, apart from the hotness that was Spike. Oh, I thought Caleb was good, but then that might be to do with me being a Firefly fan.

Loved this:

Chosen - Good, but what the hell is Angel doing there? Piss off! You have your own show to be boring in!


Biased? Moi?

Firefly = Zzzzz



You will be!

Nah, Firefly took some getting into and then there it was gone. Except there's going to be a movie and YIPPEE! Or indeed Zzzzz in your case. It's all good! ;0)

It'll help my insomnia, no doubt.

I found nothing in Firefly engaging.

Yep. That about sums it up. Except for the bitter ranting about all the plot threads they dropped.

I think you could weave a nice rug with all those threads. Luckily, I'm quite shallow and forgetful so I'm able to gloss over them a bit.

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