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Goodbye Mozilla, it was nice knowing you

I've dumped Mozilla. It was a brief, troubled affair and it was never meant to last, but we were beginning to get along at the end.

I'm back with IE, it's was all a terrible misunderstanding involving NTL and a proxy server number. It promises me it'll never happen again.

Thanks for the sympathy.

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(Deleted comment)
I have two accounts like that too.

This was all to do with a fix they fobbed off on us last time. They gave my dad a proxy number when the broadband was really slow. He gave it to me, and they failed together yesterday. Lucky it was an easy fix.

That can't be said for the TV, which I buggered up trying to fix the BB. I only have 4 channels. It's like going back to the 80's.

Hm.Interesting to know.
I'm using opera and sometimes IE (if the page looks funny in opera), but contemplated to swich to mozilla/firefox. Now I think I won't do that. Better stay with opera then.

Opera is fast but not 100% compatible with IE, but has some features IE can only dream about.

I've never used Opera, so I can't comment on that. What dream features? What am I missing?

Mozilla was okay, it seemed to quicken up after I started using it a bit. I think I'm just used to IE now, or I had it configured just the way I wanted it. Problem really was that I had to fix it because of all the other software that used the settings not working.

sorry, lj doesn't like me I get the comments in the wrong order - or is it yahoo? - anyway (prepare yourself for a very chaotic comparison, I'm to tired to think straight - LOL):

the things I like best about opera are:
- the zoom: you can zoom the windows - comes in handy when the fonts are to tiny
- the author/user mode: you can change any page to your own colour and background - nice when the page hurts your eyes.
- notes: you can have lots of notes in opera (organised in folders): copy, paste, write (I put all the stuff I want to remember in there)
- it's very fast,
- you can open sets (they call it sessions) of pages and save them, at start up you decide what set you want, very good download, reopen closed pages
and and and
Check it out (I still have IE for all the pages that look funny in opera or gmail, that one does not work with opera at all...): you can download the free version at the official site clickAnd I can send you the keyGen for it, so you won't get bothered with the ads; the keyGen calculates a regnumber for you and that makes the ads disappear and you have a full version then, not legal but working...
I just upgraded to the latest version and I love it.


the fonts are to tiny

I don't come across this problem often - except in your comment! You up to your evil plans again? ;) Are you happy now you've buggered my eyesight? Are ya? Okay then, I'm as dodgy as they come. I think the poor old PC is close to collapsing under the weight of the software! Why do I need 7 media players? 3 graphics programs?Oh yeah because people keep making them new ones. But I digress...

Better like this?

I don't like MS! Do you hear me Bill?
I keep the MS software on the computer for the stupid programmers that think of MS as the center of the world, but I prefer openSource software or buy from nicer companies.
I'm a rebel (comes with my age - and that I started as apple user, Bill is our sworn enemy)! Hee.

Hope that didn't break your computer completely...


Not keen on MS either for the same reasons, but I'm lazy (although resentful).

I have never seen an Apple in my life outside a shop.

I started with the first mac back in 1984 - and a victor pc at the same time. On one side the mac with the b/w screen, the mouse and that incredible user interface and on the other side the green screen - that made my eyes bleed - and just DOS no windows at all! No wonder I loved my mac. I had to give up macs two years ago: it's fine for CAD, but there is no construction specialised software available here, so for logical reasons I had to give it up, but my heart is still bleeding. .. Waaaaah.

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