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Yeah, I know it's dodgy and swiss cheese holey, but I want my Internet Explorer back! Sorry, but Mozilla is an old donkey and isn't cutting it.

Somehow I managed to uninstall a program off my machine today that now seems important. It was called something like Han launcher (Player? I know I thought it was a media player at first) and now IE won't connect to the internet. Neither will Semagic, but Yahoo Messenger and Mozilla will.

Thanks to Mircosoft (spit) and their fardling XP, I can't bloody re-install it. Any ideas? Anyone?

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Wish I could help. But I am totally incompetent - I can't even get my network to work. Sorry....

Thanks for the thought anyway. It least I'm not totally deprived, like I am of TV. My cable box is wonky too. Bloody Ntl and their useless technical support which goes home at 8.00.

I have satellite. And have had to reset it twice already today. Add to that the fact that my Tiscali broadband keeps losing its signal whenever it feels like it... all leads to an unhappy hobbit.

Some nights I lose the tiscali signal more often than I did with the old dial up. They have checked the line already, so god knows what the problem is. I think I will change it when my year is up (I signed a one year contract with Tiscali).

I thought the two problems were inter-related due to them both being Ntl, but why would YM and Firefox work? I notice the cable says I'm unsubscibed this morning? Wtf?

I think it is Wolfram and Hart.... whoever is providing these services for us are clearly eeeevil.

I have noticed my internet connection is fine during the morning and on sunny days, but not during the evening or if it is raining which applies practically 85% of the time I want to use it!!

I thought about using Ntl, but some of my friends have it and have had nothing but problems with them, so I stuck with BT.

How &(^&*^* annoying.

Don't go with Ntl, they are appalling. Unfortunately I don't have a choice in the matter.

Do you have some kind of system restore? If you do you can restore it to your old setting then try to uninstall the other stuff again but leave that one file. Hope you find something that works.

It was a sensible idea, but it was turned off!

Actually, I've read a couple of articles that basically say that if you ignore the hype, IE is as good or better than the others because it updates faster than the others. And the others have their OWN holes in the system... they just aren't as open about it. So if you want IE, go IE.

Well, IE is more of a target, though with the rise of Mozilla, that may become a bigger one in the future.

Sorry, can't help b/c I don't know anything about Windows these days, especially not XP (switched over to Linux a while back). You could try Firefox instead of Mozilla, btw...I think they have a Windows version.

It isn't as simple as just changing the browser though. Because everything is plugged into IE somehow, it means I can't download anything from Microsoft and other applications don't work either.

Eek. Maybe you need to reinstall Windows.

I agree. Much as I dislike Microsoft, it is the best browser I've found. Firefox is soooooooo sloooooooow.

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