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Strange hippy post

I was bored at work today, so I took to watching the clouds form shapes.

There was one cloud that was expanding very fast and making wondrous shapes. Treebread, a Yeti, and other things. Then a little later it formed a near perfect wolfs head, the ears lengthened and it became a ram...

At this point I got quite excited (okay mildly curious) to see was coming next.

*let it be a Hart* thinks I. for whom this was the best entertainment all day.


An elephant.


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Frankly, my dear, if it had been a hart, I'd have really freaked out.

Or started looking around for a sexy, lost, bleached-blond, souled vampire who was maybe injured and needed a lot of TLC. ;-P

If it had been a Hart there would be hope!

What's a Hart got to do with the blonde one? Why was the elephant not wanted? *pets elephant - there there, don;t take it personally*

Do I need a lesson in something?

Wolfram and Hart.

Poor elephant, but he did have an impressive trunk.

Wolfram and Hart

Doh - I'm so slow.


Clouds are pretty. I watched the clouds yesterday, lying on my back while flying the kid's kite (they'd got bored and gone to climb a tree). It was lovely - can't remember the last time I did that. If it wasn't for the fact it's raining, I quite fancy doing that tonight and gazing at the stars. Only without the kite.

Yours is a hard life, isn't it?

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