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Busy, busy day! And so bloody hot too.

First. Been flat hunting in Dunstable. Don't intend to move there, but it's nice to see what I could get if I had to. Didn't see anything though.

Next had a lovely afternoon in the pub with hesadevil. I've now got a ton of cider and chocolate to get through, thanks! It feels very strange to be discussing fannish things in RL. She didn't sell me to the white slavers - very nice of her I thought. (hope she didn't notice how nervous I was - got to get over those shyness problems).

gamiila, hope you had a lovely birthday and it wasn't ruined by the haircut. Happy Birthday also goes to lovesbitca, opalescence and is there anyone else I've forgotten? People must get very frisky before Christmas is all I'll say.

calove's fic Moving On, inspired me...

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks, and thanks to the person whose Rome piccys I nicked!

(Deleted comment)
or google image search... *whistles*

She didn't sell me to the white slavers
Was tempted, very tempted. But then you distracted me with the final ep. of AtS, and we got into fan-girl mode.

Is that first pic a wallpaper? Do you remember I told you I'd found a fabulous one? I uploaded it here

I don't think I'd be a lot of use as a slave.

Actually, I have been considering wallpaperfying the first pic. Watch this space!

That is a nice, simple wallpaper you've found. I think it's from Seeing Red.

You don't want to live in Dunstable. Trust me, you really don't.

Glad to hear you had fun with hesadevil. Chocolate and cider - heaven! All round to you for a party, then.

Oh, those pictures are so purty...

I wanna snog Spike in Rome... or anywhere come to that.

Sorry. I think it must be the heat

You'll have to fight me for him!

I'm licking the cider and the chocolate off him now...

Fighting talk.

You hear a screech of brakes outside your flat, you wanna watch out. When it comes to Spike, Bruce Lee couldn't stop me. Well, OK, natch he couldn't being dead and all, but when he was alive... not that he'd... Did I mention the heat?

Whatever, once I find my car keys...

Or you could invite your friends to the party.

Or at least give us all the gory details.

I fear the gory details could lead to heart stoppage.

Mmmm. Bruce Lee.

Day-um, look at his lower lip. Guh.

Thank you for the b-day wishes! It was a loverly day!

It's one glorious lower lip.

Oh, really, really lovely pics. Now I have to go read the story that inspired such prettiness. :-)

Thanks! I have slightly pre-empted the snoggy bits though!

Thanks, I had a lovely birthday...and can I just say this: your artwork just rawcks!

You can say that - thanks! I'm quite pleased with them. There may be a wallpaper version very soon...

catches breath...looks at pics again...catches breath...

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