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I'm very disppointed in you all...

I thought someone would like gardening and plants enough to know what that sodding tree is.

Oh well, I will have to wing it.

Have just got back from seeing Harry Potter. I liked it, but sadly the peak of excitement came a little too early for me when we spotted the roundabout at the beginning. It's half a mile away from my old house! HP lives on the Huntonbury Estate!

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The tree is a Cedar of Lebanon.

(My mom would have told you this 8 hours ago, but she doesn't have an LJ account, so she had to wait for me to post this.)

Yeah, could be. Thanks.

I've done a little reseach on the cedar, and it's certainly a good candidate. I'd just have to check it onscreen. Most of my doubts were based on the bark, which is swirlier than what we see, but then I think it's a set anyway, so it's probably not a reliable guide.

It could be an Atlas Cedar, if the bark is swirlier than the Lebanon.

I think if I just call it a Cedar, it'll be detail enough - thanks!

I know what you mean.

The Movie Mysitc River (Sean Penn Movie) --I grew up in the neighborhood where it was filmed. I remmeber laughing when they went to places that didn't exist.

Ah but it did all exist! Except it's not on a bus route. Actually, I knew they'd filmed on the estate - it is opposite Leavesden Studios after all - I just wasn't expecting to recognise anywhere that much. I used to go round that roundabout every day on the way to work.

You can see the sets for Harry's house from the road, and the Sleepy Hollow windmill.

Yeah, and they filmed the night bus scenes just 5 doors down from my flat in Palmers Green, Enfield.

Infact they filmed the whole 'bus taking off and doging the traffic' bit there over a number of nights. The amount of kids that turned up was amazing, and what was nice was that the folks looking after the bus let loads of them have their photo's taken with it. Ah, sweet!

Palmers Green?
Bloody knew I recognised it! I thought it might have been Kentish Town, but I had a friend at Uni in Palmers Green so it's familiar.

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