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(no subject)

Another question. Anyone know what type of tree was outside Buffy's house? Yeah, you know the one I mean.

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Do you know karenbear? She knows this stuff.

Go ask her. She's the one that does the Ultimate Quizzes.

*looks all shy*

Do you think she'll mind?

D'you want me to ask her? I'm not shy.

(you are so bless)

It's driving me mad this, because I absolutely know I've read it somewhere this week. I had a mad thought that it might have been on fan_domestics but I went and looked, and no joy.

It's a rather anal thing to want to know and i wouldn't normally care, but I have a ficlet requiring a name based on the tree and I thought knowing what kind of tree might help.

Could it be some sort of palm?

Obviously an evening with this, a bottle of wine and the season five DVD's is in order!

I was always under the vague impression that it was an oak, but I couldn't provide hard evidence. I think I just saw someone call it an oak once and followed them like a sheep.

I'd thought it was a palm, but closer inspection of the bark seems to suggest a broadleaf tree. Someone somewhere in a fic said it was maple. God I'm confused now!

Can't be a palm, because it has branches and we see Buffy and Angel climb up and down it in several episodes. It's some kind of large broadleaf tree for sure. I've never seen a maple (they don't grow here; too hot) but it fits what I've seen of oaks, elms, ashes, etc.

I think my confusion lies in the fact there appear to be four trees in front of the house, two of which appear to be hefty palms of some sort. Sadly, they block the view of the other tree. I'm going to have to stomach watching those Angel scenes again.

Yeah, I seem to remember two hefty great palm trees outside the front, and then a broadleaf tree near Buffy's window.

Yeah, but what sort of broadleaf?

No bloody idea.

I'm no use to you at all!

Neither is anyone else!

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