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Whoo! I've been to the zoo!!!

I'm about ready to drop. It's my mother's birthday today and I took her to the Whipsnade Zoo.

And what a miserable place it is. I'm usually against zoos in principle and the only reason I wanted to go here is because of the conservation work. Now, the last time I went to Whipsnade I was about seven and now I realise why I never went back. The whole place suffers from something that seems very common in Britain, take a subject which is very interesting and present it in such a way that it becomes exceedingly dull (yes, I'm looking at you British Museum). The place is tatty, the animals are bored and the place is not even pretty. The crapness of the shop... now, I'm not even going there...

I think I bonded with the baby King Penguin in the icon though.

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