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Anyone care to help me? What are the docks in L.A. actually like? Run down? smart (i.e posh offices)? Commercial only? Dodgy bars? Half sunk after an earthquake?

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There are no docks in LA proper. The commercial docks are in San Pedro and are terribly commerical and industrial (with heavy security these days). They're not run down, but definitely not an area I'd want to go at night.

I didn't see any bars when I was down there in October, but I'm pretty sure they're around there and I'll be you can find a dodgy one pretty easily.

I thought Angel (and every other show set in L.A.) were always hanging round the 'docks'. Does what they mean match the San Pedro model or do they mean something else? How far is San Pedro roughly? Where would a 'run down building near the docks be'? - or am I going to have to re-think this? I don't need an actual port, just a building nearby a shipping company would run from.

Never been there, but I don't think it has that Canary Wharf feel to it.

You see, I'm thinking Dartford, which can't be right.

The "docks" we see are often something that's been invented, or just a piece of the whole. There are smaller docks up and down the coastline in the LA area that have the right "look" (mostly for private craft), but they're small places, not the major ones. Thinking about it, Long Beach (which is next to San Pedro) might have some appropriate docks -- I believe that's where ME actually filmed the few times Buffy went down to the docks -- and while much about the area has been gentrified, there are still a few problem areas and you could definitely find a shipping company down there.

San Pedro/Long Beach is about forty minutes from downtown LA if there's no traffice, an hour or so if there is. The thing to remember is that we are 37 suburbs in search of a city, so "LA" has a very broad meaning.

That's what I thought, it takes a good while to get from one end of London to the other, I assume the same for L.A.

Thanks, I can be vague and still not be wildly inaccurate. Great.

Does this mean you are getting close to posting?

Say yes.

Not really, no. Getting there. It's changed a bit since you saw it. Did you come up with anything but wow?

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