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Ho hum

Feeling rather restless today. Not sure why. I can't seem to settle and write, even though I don't have much else to do.

Maybe it's work. It's okay, I'm settling in, I just don't seem to have much to do. I've spent the last 5 days twiddling my thumbs. This will all change tomorrow though when we have one day to get out a bid I was booked for 2 weeks for.


I need some fun, I think. Though I'm not sure what I find fun anymore.

Just whinging, move along.

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I need some fun, I think. Though I'm not sure what I find fun anymore.

Why is that this happens to everyone from time to time? I think this is why I started to watch tv again.

Odd, I never seem to get your comments. I only find them when I look through the thread.

Yeah, it has made me watch TV again. Mostly Big Brother, which is worrying.

There you are. You've been strangely quiet lately - worrying!

Settling in to a new job is always a bit unnerving, and given the other crap you've had to deal with, not surprising you're feeling unsettled. Have a good whinge - doesn't hurt. Then get out there and experiment until you find it fun.

Mind you, writing snarky Spike is fun (well, I have fun reading it, anyways...)

Hope it picks up for you soon.

I've been quiet because I haven't done anything!

I have been writing, but that was earlier in the week. I might have something for you very soon.

I think that every time I'm at work. I mean, I shouldn't be sitting here posting to LJ, I should be working! And I'm - just not.

There's avoiding work and not having any to do though. Very frustrating.

Fun? Oh yeah, I remember that concept. It was pre-husband. Given the oppertunity, I would have no idea what to do...sorry, no help here.

No, that isn't much help. I always had the problem that my friends have never been into anything I like. They'll humour me, but it doesn't really work. That's why Bob was good for me. I might take myself into London or something.

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