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Damn those raging hormones

I'm going to have to shop in Watford Tesco more often judging by the quality of men out tonight. Especially the Brian Molko-type in the very lovely leather coat...


... Oh, what was I saying? Ah yes. Pity I never see them when I'm out on the pull. (okay it was 9 years since the last time, still...)

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Leather coat, huh? Hmm...

Did you get his number? His car registration? ANYTHING?

I'm sure pulling is like riding a bike. At least you are interested in getting back in the saddle again!

Except I was crap at it in the first place (it took 8 months to pull Bob). I've let myself go a bit since then!

No I didn't get any details, but I nearly hit his trolley,, does that count? It was very, very nice coat though. Long and black and done up right under the chin. Mmm, but he was probably too young for me anyway. ::sigh::

And today is payday! And Redundacy! ??????????!!! Bugger, I've spent it.

Yay for payday!!!! I'll drink to that!

And Redundacy! ??????????!!! Bugger, I've spent it

On loose men and fast living I hope?

Buggered if I know what I spent it all on. Towels probably, oh and CD's and that laptop. I bought a new Video today to replace the one Bob waltzed off with. Trying to decide if I really want a PS2 to play the ophaned games on.

*ups sticks and moves to Watford*

Not fair! In my local Tesco all you see are old men buying whole crates full of value beans and chips. Nothing even remotely Brian Molko-like. ;(

Well, I was impressed I have to say. I can't say that 'Watford' and 'nice men' usually go in the same sentence.

BTW...just googled Brian Molko...if it's the Brian Molko that's with Placebo, then...don't you think he...I don't know, he looks to me...or maybe that's his gimmick?

He is gay, doesn't mean the man in Tesco's is. BM is quite sweet.

(Deleted comment)
Good looking men in leather coats are a turn on ;).

holy rap how many post :| hey girly I still think i should have been with you ;)

I can get a bit chatty.

Don't know who Brian Molko is but I do like Tesco!! Lots of lovely desserts there:)

Brian Molko is the singer in Placebo. I'm more of a Sainsburys girl myself, but I wanted to buy a VCR after 8 at night and Tesco is the place.

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