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What Bogwitch did on her holidays...

I haven't had much luck with holidays. The last time I went away for a week I was stuck near Glastonbury during the fuel protests (was that really in 2000?), and the last weekend away I had was during Foot and Mouth and we couldn't go anywhere but Salisbury Town Centre. It might have been only a few days, but my first holiday for four years went surprisingly well. No mothers were pushed over Beachy Head murdered, despite their best efforts to make me do it, so I have to count it as a success.

Monday. Drove to Pevensey, where we stayed in a 15th century cottage about 100 yards from the castle. It was really creaky. Went for a lovely evening stroll around the ruins. This was where the Norman fleet landed apparently.

Castle Greyskull...

Note moody moat.

A view from the castle through Roman arch, (note the difference in construction between the Roman Bailey wall and Norman Keep walls. Spot the pub). Still with me? We stayed in a cottage down that road.

Tuesday. We went to Battle (not literally) to see Battle Abbey and the Battle of Hastings battlefield (try that sentence when you're drunk). Very nice in the hot sunshine which got me despite the Factor 30 sunscreen.

The Novices room

Some room or other (I forgot to look)


More ruins

Oh look, more ruins

The battlefield. Didn't see any arrows.

After that we went to Rye, which was boring.

Oh, the irony...

So we went and sat on the beach at Pevensey Bay instead.

Ow. Stones. No invasion fleet was spotted. Phew. (those people aren't us, btw)

Wednesday. Went to Brighton. No photos of the massive row I had with my mum in the street.

Saw the Wilmington Long Man chalk Hill Figure. Sadly not as well hung as the one at Cerne Abbas.

Then we went to see my uncle and that was it.

Thursday. Came home. Too lazy to look at anything else.

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Sorry that you and your mum had a row, but at least the weather was nice and you both got back in one piece. Nice piccies.

Saw a fun t-shirt once. It had a picture from the Bayeux Tapestry on it and the caption read: "I spy with my little eye, somthing beginning with 'A'. Any of those on sale at Battle?

The row was envitable. Amazing we only had the one really.

Any of those on sale at Battle?

Didn't see one. They did have some chain-mail though, if you need some.

Thanks. New digital camera did a fine job.

Oh, nice ruins! Very good pics BTW - what sort of camera did you get?

Glad to hear both you and your mum survived the holiday, including the invigorating row. How's the sunburn?

The sunburn is fine. Just a red patch on the arm that I forgot to cover.

The camera is a HP635 digiral camera with 12x zoom (yay!). These pics were HUGE. I had to resize them by about 75%.

Oh look! Lovely ruins and chalk men. Great pics; thanks for sharing.

There's plenty more pics where these came from! They're a bit samey though.

I love looking at ruins.

(Deleted comment)
I love looking at ruins too. At least most of these were still standing. Very evocative.

(those people aren't us, btw)

For some reason that just made me laugh.

And for some odder reason I want to see those Chalk Hill figures in person. I've never heard of them before.

I didn't want anyone to think that one of that crumby pair was me!

Chalk Hill Figures are a bit of a specialist subject of mine (as you might be able to tell by the post). There are quite a few, 30-50 dotted around, especially in southern England where the chalk hills are. Some are thought to be ancient, like the Long Man, the Cerne giant and the Uffington White Horse. Others were cut into the hillside during a bit of a craze in the 1800's. Most of them were white horses. There's more on the subjust here.

I love the pics and am now able to more fully live vicariously through you as I've never had the oppertunity to see such things in person.

We are very lucky here to have such an amount of this stuff. Every next town has some dusty ruins of some sort. And then we tend to ignore it!

In a 15 mile radius of me, we have at least 2 battlefields, a major Roman city, a celtic hillfort or three, burial mounds, a ancient trackway, the Hellfire caves, a castle ruin, a big estate with a large house. I could go on and I don't even think this area is a particularily remarkable place to visit for Britain.

Aw, pretty pictures. Lucky thing.

Good weather really does make this country very pretty.

Hey, gorgeous photos. I particularly like the one of Bob's pub. I like the chalk figures too. Last time I was in England (1996) I went to see the Uffington white horse, which is quite astounding, and the Westbury one. Also, apparently somewhere in the downs country is a big chalk Kiwi carved into the hill by New Zealand soldiers who were training there in World War One. But I haven't seen that one.

Thanks, I'm very pleased with the way the photos have come out. I got the camera for Xmas, but this is the first time it's had a proper run. I was lucky the light was so good too.

I've never seen the Bulford Kiwi either, but I'm slowly ticking them all off. I'd seen the Long Man before, but what I hadn't realised was that there was the Litlington White Horse just up the road, so I got a photo of that too (but that came out a bit indistinct).I've been to Uffington and Westbury (this one might get mentioned in the WIP, not sure yet).

Lovely pix! (I must get a digital camera before WriterCon.) I love ruins, and spent most of my time touring them in England in 1978. None that you've shown, though, so I need to go back.

We have Indian mounds in our state. That is, burial sites. I also drive past an Indian battlefield up where my husband's from. It's where my husband's people kicked the Dakotas down into southwestern Minnesota, around the time of the American Revolution. I hear you can still find arrowheads there, though I haven't found any.

Ha. I think you could keep looking at ruins forever here!

At least Indian mounds still mean something to people. Ours are just there to be dug up or have roads built over.

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