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The Last Day

Here it is at last, my final day at Ford. I've been given my notice, an afternoon in the pub beckons! Going to miss all these wonderful people. I'm off into the world again and there's no one to hold my hand.

The day has already been eventful. The guy in the flat opposite was arrested for suspected possession of cannabis (more than likely true) by the police at 7.30 this morning. While spying through the keyhole (I was looking out for the postman), I caught the whole saga. He did not resist arrest and the officers were searching the place when I left for work. I hope he doesn't lose the flat, because he's a quiet neighbour and we've had no trouble with him, unlike previous tenants I could mention.

Last night I very nearly ran over a Tawny Owl. I was on the way back from my parents and there it was in the middle of the road scoffing the roadkill. It looked up and blinked at me, but it didn't bloody move. I had to swerve to avoid it and it still didn't shift. Wonder what sort of omen that is?

Still a bit upset over Bob, and he is being very annoying by being all nice and chirpy when I call him over flat matters. It would be so much easier if I could hate him. I'm going away next week with my mum to Sussex to cheer up and to try and off-load some of the stress I'm under - if going away with my Mum can do that. Could be more stressful than staying at home!

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